Careers and Jobs in Anthropology

Why Anthropology?


The Anthropology program develops skills that will prepare you and make you marketable for a number of different careers and jobs. Coursework, internships, and fieldwork will enhance your reading, writing, information synthesis, research, and data analysis skills. You will be thoroughly able to apply both qualitative and quantitative research methods to the complex study of human behavior empowering you to understand diverse cultural contexts from business settings in corporate America to careers within the international marketplace. A BA in Anthropology will also prepare you for professional school study, for example medical school, law school, or an MBA ,or for Anthropology graduate programs. 

Coursework can be applied to a general degree or to a specific field. Listings of career opportunities in each subfield:

Cultural Anthropology

American Anthropological Association career site

Linguistic Anthropology

Society for Linguistic Anthropology

Careers in Linguistic Anthropology


Society for American Archaeology career site

Archaeology Fieldwork

Physical Anthropology

American Association of Physical Anthropologist career site



Career stories of UW Anthropology Graduates

 Cultural Anthropology

 Melissa Benner, class of 2007

 Physical Anthropology


 Sam Drucker, class of 1999

 Linguistic Anthropology


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What jobs can I get with a BA in Anthropology? These are just a few of the jobs and careers that seek Anthropologists:

  • Program developer within corporations that serve multiethnic clientele.
  • Cultural diversity specialist within a human resources department or management consulting agency.
  • Social science teacher for a private school.
  • Marketing analyst to interview and target diverse populations.
  • Global journalist.
  • Developing and/or implementing education and social resources for international relief organizations.
  • Archival specialist for museums, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and corporations.


2. Should I go to Graduate School?

       Undergraduate "paths" of study

  • Guidance document for choosing UW path

      Graduate Paths of Study


 3. How should I start my job search?

 General Background/Curriculum Vitae

 Archaeological Survey Resume

 Journalism Resume


Marketing yourself

 Local job opportunities:

4. What types of internships are available?

5. What types of volunteer opportunities are available?

General search engines:

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