Academic Advising

Forms and Petitions

College of Business specific Forms & Petitions:

  • College of Business Course Override Authorization Request
    • The last day to add or drop semester courses is strictly enforced by the Office of the Registrar. We hold regular business hours (8AM-5PM). If petition has not been received by 4:00PM on the last day to add/drop courses they will NOT be completed. Please plan accordingly.
    • You only need to complete an override form for error messages such as, prerequisite test scores, class and major restrictions, or special approval.
    • Any override requests are processed manually. Please allow up to 3 business days to process.
    • For the form, please contact 
  • For other College of Business Specific Exceptions (such as course substitutions or concurrent courses)-please contact your advisor for COB Exception Request.

  • Other helpful forms:

Office of the Registrar Forms and Petitions page hosts common forms/petitions not specific to the College of Business, such as:

  • Program Change Form
  • Exception Requests
  • Overload Petition
  • University Studies Petition
  • Class Withdrawal
  • Move Forward Catalog
  • Others

Academic Dishonesty & Misc:

Academic Advising Academic Advising

We provide a variety of support services that can help you grow academically into a capable and confident learner.

Career Services Career Services

Promotes a meaningful student experience at the College of Business, followed by an inspiring career after graduation.

Study Abroad Study Abroad

The Education Abroad Office (EAO) connects the University of Wyoming with international study, volunteer, and internship opportunities through 400+ programs worldwide.

Scholarships Scholarships

The University of Wyoming offers scholarships based on merit, financial need, or to specific student populations. Be sure to file your FAFSA to be considered for financial need-based awards in the following school year.

Code of Conduct Code of Conduct

The College of Business expects the highest level of integrity from our administration, faculty, staff, students, and alumni. As students of the College of Business at the University of Wyoming, you are expected to conduct yourselves professionally as described in the Code of Conduct and adhere to the ethical principles of this college and the University’s Standards as outlined in the University Regulations.

Student Organizations Student Organizations

Meet new people with similar interests as you, develop leadership, communication skills, and other professional development, interact with faculty, staff, students, and the community, and participate in local, regional, and national student and professional activities.

Deans Office Dean's Office

Collectively, our leadership team works tirelessly to focus our college on the student experience, strengthening the research prowess of our faculty, and implementing a strong five-year strategic plan.