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Department of Chemistry

ENZI (STEM) Building

Enzi building  ENZI lab



The Department of Chemistry labs are housed in the Enzi Building.


University of Wyoming - Research Facilities


High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy Facility (HRTEM)

The High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy (HRTEM) Facility at the University of Wyoming features the powerful FEI Tecnai G2 F20 200 kV (S)TEM to meet the characterization needs of the materials science community in the university and in the region. It offers up to atomic resolution imaging and complementary compositional analysis capability through energy dispersive x-ray (EDX) spectrometry. This facility is made possible with support from the School of Energy Resources.


Materials Characterization Laboratories

The instrumentation and laboratories for characterization of chemical composition, crystalline structure, morphology, and fabric of solid materials are housed in the Geology and Geophysics Department at the University of Wyoming. The following instruments are available: Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (FESEM), Conventional Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis (XRF), Electron Probe Microanalysis (EPMA).


Robert A. Jenkins Microscopy Facility

University of Wyoming has a state of the art Microscopy Core Facility (MCF). The facility currently has a Transmission Electron Microscope (Hitachi-7000), a Laser Scanning Confocal Fluorescence Microscope (Leica TCS-SP2), an epi-fluorescence microscope (Nikon TE 300), a Raman Microscope (DeltaNu ExamineR), and a Tabletop Scanning Electron Microscope (Hitachi TM-1000).
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