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Program Director/Physician Faculty 

Evan Norby, D.O.


Dr. Norby grew up in Florida where he loved to surf and play basketball.  As a child Dr. Norby aspired to be either an NBA star or a doctor.  After serving a two-year church mission in Lisbon, Portugal, Dr. Norby attended Brigham Young University (BYU).  At BYU he earned bachelor's degrees in Nutritional Science and Exercise Science.  After BYU, he graduated from Midwestern University - Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine.  Dr. Norby has always been a proponent of preventive medicine through healthy lifestyle choices.  However, not until the latter part of medical school training, did he take to heart the deleterious effects of both intentional and unintentional sun exposure. This sparked his interest in dermatology which he still enjoys today.  The more time in family medicine, the more appreciation Dr. Norby gains regarding the impact that decisions made years ago have on peoples' lives in the future. When not practicing medicine, he dabbles in the world of home theater and audio-visual systems, exercises, and enjoys dance parties with his wife and five children. Dr. Norby graduated from UWFMR-Cheyenne in 2015. After residency, he joined the program faculty and now serves as the program director. 

Evan Norby

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