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Welcome to the School of Counseling, Leadership, Advocacy, & Design!

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Welcome to the School of Counseling, Leadership, Advocacy, and Design which coordinates 6 program areas and more than 11 graduate programs plus certificate and endorsement specialties. Our primary areas - Higher Education Administration, Counseling, Educational Leadership, Educational Research, Learning, Design, and Technology and Special Education touch so many people in so many different ways. Our work places our faculty and students in a position to be a positive influence when facing a variety of societal and global challenges. Plus, learn about funding opportunities.


Faculty and Research

Cutting edge student-faculty research teams welcome graduate students into the exciting world of academic research and provide one-on-one experiences with Wyoming faculty working on selected projects. Our collaborative teams are investigating the effectiveness of various substance abuse treatments, accountability and evaluation strategies for school personnel, and innovations and emerging technologies in online teaching and learning. They are exploring learning across the lifespan, play therapy as a creative, experiential medium, and the use of Photovoice to share photographs and narratives to create community change.

Student Mentoring

Mentoring graduate students is a top priority for our forward-thinking faculty members who prepare students for successful leadership in a variety of exciting, rewarding careers. Meaningful relationships among students and faculty members build a diverse, caring learning community with intriguing discussion and connections whether online or face-to-face.

We are proud that our students graduate with the skills, knowledge and confidence to follow their dreams - and become remarkable assets to the global community. Our alumni choose careers as school superintendents, principals, instructional designers, counselors, special educators, and mental health clinicians as well as become leaders in educational research, higher education and learning technologies. Each helps contribute to a better world for tomorrow.

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We welcome your questions about our programs. Please visit each of the program pages listed in the left-hand navigation column to learn more! If this website can't answer your questions, please contact:

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