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Laser scanning technology has emerged as an essential tool in measuring and documenting existing conditions of buildings and infrastructures. It has been widely used in surveying, recording existing structures, calculating quantity, monitoring construction progress, understanding the general topography of a site, capturing the complicated geometries seen in manufacturing facilities, and supporting Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). While it has become popular for construction engineering and management programs to include Building Information Modeling in their curricula, very few construction programs have introduced laser scanning technology to their students. The high cost of the laser scanner and the associated software, the lack of qualified instructors, and the lack of an accreditation requirement are the primary reasons for this situation. However, recently, the construction industry has adopted many technological innovations, and the cost of laser scanners has been going down. Educators need to look into the potential of adopting laser scanning in their curricula. This research aims to assess the need for and evaluate the feasibility of incorporating laser scanning technology into the construction engineering and management curriculum. The study conducted a thorough literature review to assess how laser scanning technology can improve Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), which are required by the American Council of Construction Education (ACCE). The contributions of the study involve (1) helping educators in construction engineering and management programs to understand the importance of laser scanning technology in the construction industry, (2) improving current Student Learning Outcomes by using laser scanning technology.


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