Critical and Creative Thinking in Action

Critical & Creative Thinking: Fulfilling Our Promise

This powerpoint includes key takeaways from the UW Survey of Critical and Creative Thinking instruction in Higher Education, "Critical and Creative Thinking at the University of Wyoming: Do We Know It When We See It?"



Purposeful Implementation of Critical Thinking Instruction in the Classroom

After having learned of the Critical Thinking Initiative (Steve Pearlman & David Carillo), we [Professors Hannah Hollinger and McKensie Harris] embarked on a journey to purposefully incorporate critical thinking into our upper-level animal science communication course. This required us to include focused learning-objectives, instruction on how to think critically and convey the critical thinking process in written form, and careful assessment of our student’s thoughts throughout the semester. In this powerpoint presentation, we discuss our approach, what worked, and what needs tweaked for the next time around.

Should Thinking be Critical?

Founders of the Critical Thinking Initiative deconstruct the term “critical thinking” and explore relationship(s) between critical and creative thinking. (Audio with captions) 


Straight From the Wyoming Institute: Headagogy, with Steve Pearlman

UW participants in the 2019 ECTL Summer Institute, “Developing Critical Thinking Throughout Your Curriculum,” reflect about what they learned at the Institute and discuss their plans for implementing the Critical Thinking Initiative’s pedagogy into upcoming classes. (Audio only)

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