Meal Swipe Sharing Pilot Program

application for meal swipe sharing Pilot program  

The application to the swipe sharing program can be found here. This application uses USDA recommended food security questions to determine level of food security, in addition to questions meant to collect data for the UW Food Security Taskforce and Sustainability Coalition. 

What is the Meal Swipe Sharing Pilot Program? 

This program is a regenerative, student-focused food sharing program, allowing students to donate their "swipes" and unused meals from previously purchased dining plans. Launching in Spring 2021, the program will start with a bank of 2,000 swipes, allowing students to apply for them as needed. Swipes are allocated based on application results on a rolling basis throughout the semester. Students are allocated a maximum of 4 swipes per week, and are recommended further resources if necessary. 

Are you a student with a meal plan who wants to share meals?

You can do so with this form. Students may share a maximum of 3 meal swipes per semester. Thank you for sharing with others and contributing to student success!

All meal plan holders will be allowed to donate a maximum of 3 meals per semester; block plan holders will donate meals and weekly plan holders may donate guest passes.

Not a student? You can financially contribute to the program. Thank you for contributing to student success!

How did the program start? 

The program was initiated in Spring 2021 by the Sustainability Coalition and UW Food Security Taskforce with funding provided by ASUW Student Government. Using this funding, coalition interns Olivia Lyle and Javuan Garcia worked with Washakie Dining Center's Amy Bey and Jill Aldridge to purchase an initial "bank" of meals. These meals, when depleted, are replenished by giving students the ability to donate their unused meal swipes or extra purchased meal swipes at throughout the semester.

Meal Swipe Sharing text, open to all students. Please fill out the application to receive meal swipes. All text is laid over a photo of the statue outside of Washakie Dining Center.
Any UW student enrolled in at least 1 credit hour. However, if a student already has a meal plan at Washakie Dining Center they are not eligible for this program.
No. Any student is eligible, regardless of if they live on or off campus. However, if a student already has a meal plan at Washakie Dining Center they are not eligible for this program.
You will receive an email that your application has been approved with the number of meals you have been allotted. There is a 24-hour grace period after receiving your approval email for the meals to be loaded onto your WyoOne ID card.
Nope! Once the meals are loaded onto your WyoOne ID it will swipe just like a normal meal plan.
Currently meal swipe shares can only be used at Washakie Dining Center.
Please use this form to share meals through the program. A maximum of three meals can be shared per semester. Thank you!
Use this link to financially contribute to the program. Thank you!


Who Can I Contact For More Information?

Please direct any questions about the swipe sharing program to the ASUW Director of Wellness and Sustainability and UW Food Security Taskforce at and Visit us here for a forthcoming feedback form and information on continuing the pilot program. Thank you for your interest! 


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