edTPA Teacher Performance AssessmentedTPA Teacher Performance Assessment

The edTPA is a performance-based, subject-specific assessment and support system used by more than 600 teacher preparation programs in some 40 states to emphasize, measure and support the skills and knowledge that all teachers need from day one in the classroom.

Developed by educators for educators, edTPA is the first such standards-based assessment to become nationally available in the United States. It builds on decades of work on assessments of teacher performance and research regarding teaching skills that improve student learning.

It is transforming the preparation and certification of new teachers by complementing subject-area assessments with a rigorous process that requires teacher candidates to demonstrate that they have the classroom skills necessary to ensure students are learning.

The video below provides an overview of the edTPA and what you will need for submission.

edTPA Submission Sequence

Submitting the edTPA is a complicated process. To ensure a successful submission, please take the time to read the instructions completely before you begin.

  1. Submit your edTPA on LiveText to your instructor using the edTPA for Faculty Review assignment. When your instructor has reviewed your submission and found it to be satisfactory, he or she will give you permission to submit your edTPA to Pearson and provide you with a VOUCHER NUMBER. The voucher number is purchased with your EDEL/EDSE 4500 course fees, and this voucher number will be used as payment to register your edTPA account.
  2. Go here, to access the registration link for Candidates Using an Integrated edTPA Platform Provider System. LiveText is an Integrated edTPA Platform Provider System. Create an account and register for edTPA on this site and get your Authorization Key. For detailed step by step instructions, click to open the Pearson edTPA Registration Overview.
  3. Complete your portfolio on LiveText using the edTPA for Submission to National Scoring assignment. Submit your portfolio. You will need your Authorization Key, which you should have received from edTPA.com after registering for an account. For detailed step by step instructions, click to open Transferring your Portfolio from an Integrated System and start with Step 2 on page 4.
  4. Sign in to your account at edTPA.com. Review your submission to ensure the transfer was successful. See Step 3 on page 5 of Transferring your Portfolio from an Integrated System. Indicate that your assessment is ready for submission by marking each part “Ready to Submit." When you have confirmed that all parts of your assessment are ready for submission, submit your assessment.
  5. You will receive an email notification confirming that your assessment has been successfully submitted. You need to share this email with your faculty and keep it for your records.

There are also edTPA resources within each LiveText course overview. The below picture dipicts where those can be found.

screen shot

Helpful Tips

Be sure to allow adequate time, perhaps up to several days, before your planned submission date to upload and review your files in the Pearson system and to complete the submission process for scoring

When completing your edTPA on LiveText using the edTPA for Submission to National Scoring, have your files saved on your hard drive, a USB drive, or LiveText’s file manager in your LiveText account. Use clear and descriptive file names. Know the last 5 digits of your social security number.

For general help and resources for edTPA submission, go here

For video compression guides, video exporting guides, and recommended video formats and settings, go here.

A very common issue is students an invalid error, which is most likely due to the second bullet below. Students need to contact customer support mentioned in the fourth bullet in order to correct that issue.

  • Vouchers are valid for a period of 18 months from the date they are generated.
  • Vouchers cannot be applied retroactively to current registrations. Candidates who will be assigned a voucher should not register for edTPA prior to receiving their voucher.
  • Candidates may enter vouchers as a method of payment when registering for edTPA on the program website.
  • Candidates may contact Customer Support at (866) 565-4872 for assistance.
  • edTPA coordinators may contact EPP Support with questions about voucher distribution.
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