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Fellowship Information

The Center for Principle-Based Leadership and Ethics (PBLE) at the University of Wyoming (UW), supported by the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative (DFEI), in collaboration with the Ellbogen Center for Teaching and Learning (ECTL) invites applications for two-year (AY 24 & 25) Daniels Fund Faculty Fellowships. Daniels Fund Faculty Fellows play an important role in helping PBLE advance the mission of the DFEI’s Collegiate Program, which is to engage students and university stakeholders through principle-based ethics education and thereby prepare them to make ethical decisions in their personal and professional lives. The Daniels Fund Faculty Fellowship Program promotes the idea that ethics is an important discussion topic in all disciplines and that timeless ethical principles (e.g., integrity, respect, fairness)—when internalized—can guide individuals toward ethical decisions.


Daniels Fund Faculty Fellows are primarily expected to advance the DFEI mission by developing a teaching activity integrating the DFEI principles (see Appendix A) for their course or seminar to help students learn to make principle-based ethical decisions within their field. Past faculty fellows have developed case-based assignments, external projects, as well entire course modules comprising several activities integrating the DFEI principles. Over the two-year period, fellows first develop their proposed teaching activity (in Year 1) and then test a revision to their activity (in Year 2) through a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Project directed by the ECTL. Fellow’s teaching activities are archived for others on campus to access. To access past reports and activities, please click here. In addition, fellows are expected to promote student involvement in DFEI-supported campus programming (speakers, courses, conferences, etc.) and champion principle-based ethics education within their disciplines. For their contributions and support, faculty fellows receive a $2,500 stipend annually (or $5000 or the entire fellowship) and the designation as a Daniels Fund Faculty Fellow.


If you are interested in receiving a Daniels Fund Faculty Fellowship for the 2024 and 2025 academic year, please submit your proposal here.



Application Process

Applicants describe their proposed project(s) relating to a new teaching activity, provide a detailed explanation of how the DFEI principles would be integrated into the proposed activity, the project’s timeline, and, finally, how the impact of the new activity would be evaluated. Applications are due April 7th, 2023 and will be promptly reviewed.

The committee will evaluate applications on:

  1. Originality and quality of the project proposals
  2. The teaching activity/instrument is clearly described
  3. The teaching activity/instrument is novel
  4. The teaching activity’s/instrument’s scope and breadth are appropriate
  5. The teaching activity/instrument is grounded in solid logic or empiricism
  6. Integration of DFEI principles in the proposed teaching activity
  7. Evaluation quality
  8. The teaching activity’s/instrument’s impact evaluation proposal is clear and reasonable
  9. The potential for the teaching activity/instrument to result in DFEI student learning outcomes

Fellows are expected to provide short oral and written reports of their year one and year two projects for archival. Fellows present their oral reports at a retreat in August. Faculty fellows also meet for lunch in January to provide progress updates. Finally, in Year 2, fellows meet an additional four times to receive guidance on their Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Project.

Fellowship award decisions will be announced by April 28th, 2023.


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