Fall Bridge Options: Core and Seminar

Students enrolling in Fall Bridge courses choose between two options. An on-line selection process will help you choose between the options that best fit your academic strengths, confidence in college research, reading, and expository writing, and past experiences in writing/reading classes. You will enroll in your selected Fall Bridge courses before June Orientation and work with an advisor to register for additional fall courses when you visit campus during Orientation.  

Though all UW students will complete the following general education classes, Fall Bridge courses provide more connections through engaging themes, smaller classes, and stronger interactions with peer leaders and instructors. View all of UW’s general education courses and Fall Bridge classes that meet the University Studies Program components.

 Overview of Fall Bridge Options

See Fall Bridge Comparison Chart for more information about choosing a program. 

  Option 1: CORE Option 2: SEMINAR
Description of Features
  • Satisfies 3 University Studies Program requirements and includes the highest-demand first-year courses at UW.
  • Highlights critical reading and writing and smaller class size in UW’s first-year writing course, College Composition and Rhetoric
  • Features  stronger networking among faculty and students in fall courses and emphasizes transition to college academics
  • Satisfies 1 University Studies Program requirement.
  • Highlights transition into college research and applying critical thinking, reading, and inquiry skills to topics of importance in the world today.
  • Features involvement and college transition topics within the seminar course
Included Courses Includes 2 fall courses and 1 spring course:
  1. ENGL 1010 [COM 1]  - FALL
    College Composition & Rhetoric I 

  2. STEP 1100 [H] - FALL
    Human Culture and Transition
  3. ENGL 2015 [COM 2]  - SPRING College Composition & Rhetoric II
Includes 1 fall course:
  1. STEP 1100 [FYS] - FALL
    Human Culture and Transition

Questions? Please contact Makayla Stewart, program coordinator, at uwbridge@uwyo.edu or 307.766.4322.  

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