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2024 Floors

Before you choose your classes, choose your floor!

Life in the Residence Halls is an exciting part of your first-year experience! Some floors include required or recommended classes, providing you a ready-made study group of your neighbors! That is a Living Learning Community (LLC). Make your LLC selection before you meet with your advisor to be sure you get into the classes.

Selection deadline: May 31, 2024.

Some floors give you the opportunity to take classes with your floormates. You can select your own courses to fill out your fall semester schedule when you meet with your advisor. Commumities with required courses are listed alphabetically below. Other Living Learning Communities without required courses are listed at the end. Scroll to the bottom of this page for the floor selection form. 

  • UW student takes care of horse

    Animal Science & Agriculture

    Are you interested in a future in Animal Science and Animal Agriculture? Perhaps you have a love for horses and want to explore opportunities in equine science. Or you are focused on a science-based degree program in preparation for veterinary school or graduate school in an animal science-related field. Maybe you want to learn more about the business management side of animal agriculture, or have a passion for meat science and food technology, or simply have that dream of running your own farm or ranch someday. If so, this FIG is for you! Members of this FIG will discover the variety of degree options available in the ANVS major at UW, and the rewarding career opportunities for which they will prepare you. FIG activities may focus on developing skills for academic success, exploring the industry through discussion and field trips, and learning how to be an advocate for animal agriculture.

    Please note: Must have a minimum ACT Math subscore of 23 or a Math Placement Exam score of 3 or higher to enroll in LIFE 1010, and therefore join this FIG.  Enrollment in this FIG is restricted to Animal and Veterinary Science (any option) or Agricultural and Applied Economics – Livestock Business Management majors only.

    • Intro to Animal Science
    • General Biology
  • a business student poses in the College of Business lobby.

    Business Foundations

    This FIG is for anyone who has interest in majors in the College of Business. A high quality and well-rounded education in business and economics can prepare you for a successful career. Business Foundations will give you a sample of some of the exciting aspects of business.

    Classes include Legal Environment of Business, which focuses on business-related legal topics, courts, dispute resolution, constitutional law, torts, contracts, intellectual law, criminal law and cyber law; and Principles of Macroeconomics, which focuses on problems and interrelationships of inflation, exchange rates, national debt and deficits.

    • Principles of Macroeconomics
    • Legal Environment of Business
  • student on a construction site holds floor plans

    Construction Management

    This FIG is for majors in construction management within the College of Engineering and Applied Science. This occupation is growing at a faster rate than any other in the United States. University of Wyoming seeks to prepare a future workforce capable of competing in and driving technological advancements in construction industries. 

    Construction Management (CM) is a professional career field that uses specialized, Project Management techniques to oversee the Planning, Design, and Construction of a project, from its beginning to its end.

    Construction Managers should have the ability to handle and perform time, cost and quality management function as part of his/her daily responsibility that also includes project safety and human resource management. This FIG allows students to form study groups with others who share your interests and courses.

    • Intro to Construction Management
    • VISTA Studio 1
    • Economics
  • student poses in front of highway patrol officer and vehicle

    Criminal Justice

    This FIG is for majors in criminal justice, or those interested in pre-law and sociology.

    Criminal Justice is an interdisciplinary field that studies the nature and operations of organizations providing justice services to society. Students study the criminal justice system, its components, and the ways it deals with crime and processes criminals.

    As a member of the Criminal Justice FIG, students explore relevant topics including theories of crime, criminal courts, government, and social behavior. The FIG will also provide opportunities to form cohorts made up of peers with similar interests. Our commitment is to provide a welcoming environment that allows new majors to look closely at a future in the criminal justice system. 

    • Intro to Criminal Justice
    • Sociological Principles
    • American & Wyoming Government
  • student works in virtual reality

    Energy and Environment

    This FIG is for people interested in professional land management or energy and environmental systems.

    Energy management issues are complex and there is a growing demand for professionals with a multidisciplinary background. Energy professionals are able to understand and draw on the expertise of engineers and other energy scientists. In this FIG, you will discover how our economy and public policy intertwines with energy and the environment. Experience an emphasis on experiential learning opportunities and the applicability of abstract concepts in real-world scenarios. Join an innovative and interdisciplinary opportunity and become a future energy leader!

    • Energy, Environment, and Economy
    • Oil: Business, Culture and Power
    • Energy & Society
  • student in chemistry lab

    Focus on Pharmacy

    Students with an interest in pharmacy will thrive in this FIG.

    This FIG is for anyone exploring or preparing for a career as a pharmacist. You will have regular interaction with a pre-pharmacy advisor during your first semester, and you will take some of your key prerequisite courses alongside others who have similar interests. 

    This FIG includes a one-credit Focus on Pharmacy course. The objective of the course is to explore different career avenues that pharmacy has to offer and cultivate an understanding of the role of the pharmacist in healthcare today.  The students will be introduced to important concepts in pharmacy practice, as well as develop a sense of the importance of professional development. 

    Special Note:  This FIG requires a minimum math placement exam score of 3 or a minimum ACT math subscore of 23.

    • Focus on Pharmacy 
    • General Chemistry
  • art student shows her ink-stained hands

    Foundations in Art & Art History

    This FIG is for anyone interested in visual art. Shared classes are intended for majors and minors in art and art history, but anyone with an interest in visual art can join this FIG.

    The Foundational Studies in Art & Art History FIG offers students an immersive opportunity to take three fundamental art courses during the first semester of the freshman year. These courses investigate composition, observational drawing and the history of art. Students benefit from concept reinforcement between classes and exposure to a wide range of media and practices.

    • Drawing I
    • Foundation 2D
    • Art History I
  • health student explains a diagram to a patient

    Health Careers Exploration

    Students with an interest in health careers will thrive in this FIG.

    Considering a career in health care? The Explore Health Careers FIG is for anyone exploring or preparing for a career as a physician, a dentist, an optometrist, a nurse, a physician assistant, a nurse practitioner, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, an athletic trainer, or a chiropractor. Those interested in social work, public health, or speech pathology would be welcome, too! You will have regular interaction with a pre-health advisor during your first semester, and you will take some of your key prerequisite courses alongside others who have similar interests.

    Special Note:  This FIG requires a minimum math placement exam score of 3 or a minimum ACT math subscore of 23.

    • First Year Experience - Health Careers
    • General Psychology
    • General Biology
    • Recommended: General Chemistry
  • student holds weighted ball in Half Acre rec center

    Kinesiology & Health

    This FIG is designed for students who are eligible to declare Kinesiology and Health as their major and are pursuing either the Kinesiology or Physical Education Teacher Education tracks. The FIG experiences provide an opportunity to develop cohesive relationships with other Kinesiology students through participating together in our first year seminar and living together in the same residence hall. The faculty in Kinesiology and Health are committed to making your first year in the division a success by facilitating you to stimulate each other intellectually, and to support each other socially. The Kinesiology and Health FIG will make your first year in our division exciting and fun.

    Special Note: This FIG Requires a minimum math placement exam score of 3 or minimum ACT math subscore of 23.

    • Kinesiology - Science of Human Movement
    • General Chemistry I
    • General Psychology
  • image of hiking boots on a trail

    Outdoor Recreation

    Open to all majors, this FIG is for any student interested in learning leadership skills while exploring the great outdoors.

    Join us for a taste of Wyoming’s wild places and recreational opportunities. This FIG is sponsored by the Outdoor Program and will explore concepts of leadership and personal growth through outdoor adventure. We will explore a variety of landscapes, participate in a range of outdoor activities, and gain life skills that are critical for success as a student. More information regarding specific activities (such as canoeing, rock climbing, camping, snowshoeing, etc.) will be sent to students once enrollment in the FIG is complete. Transportation, instruction, equipment, and food are provided at no additional cost.

    • First Year Experience - Outdoor Recreation
    • US & Wyoming Government
  • student teacher interacts with a child

    Teaching Careers Exploration

    This FIG is for anyone interested in exploring careers in teaching. Any major is welcome!

    Teaching today is one of the most rewarding and challenging professions in America. Teachers need to think about the needs of the 21st century learner and prepare students for jobs that may not yet be created. Teachers need to be leaders, creative problem solvers, and attuned to the demands of society and the community in which they teach. As a member of this FIG, students work with others to explore some of the questions that all teachers and learners experience: How do I become a teacher/leader in my classroom, school, and community? How can I help children from all backgrounds succeed in school and life? How can we make learning better for all students? Join us, and you’ll explore the answers to these questions – and many more! All three FIG courses meet requirements for the College of Education, as well as for the University Studies Program. Student in all majors are welcome!

    • Foundations of Development and Learning
    • American & Wyoming Government
  • student poses in front of rocky shore with UWYO Abroad sign

    Travel the World

    This FIG is open to international students, students interested in studying abroad, and students interested in exploring global citizenship, expanding their knowledge, and developing their interpersonal and intercultural competence. The Global Leader FIG provides opportunities for students to engage with and learn from one another, and participate in cultural experiences, and programs. Individuals participating in the Global Leader FIG are students of the world, who are empowered to become global citizens, WYOGlobal citizens!

    • Camels, Hookas & Oil
    • First-Year Composition
  • students inject sheep with medicine

    Veterinary Medicine & One Health

    All students interested in learning about veterinary medicine and exploring diverse and exciting career options available in veterinary medicine and animal health professions.

    Exploring Veterinary Medicine and One Health offers students an introduction to the discipline of veterinary medicine and the philosophy of One Health (the philosophy that the health of humans, animals, and the environment are linked and inseparable) and gives them a head start in satisfying the basic science prerequisites necessary to prepare for veterinary school, other professional schools, and graduate programs through enrollment in freshman biology and chemistry during their first semester of college.  As a member of this FIG you will learn about the diverse career paths open to people interested in the health of animals (and by default, the health of humans and the environment) through reading and writing exercises, discussions, interactive projects, presentations by professionals, and engaging laboratory experiences. You also will learn how to begin to critically analyze the scientific and public literature in veterinary medicine and one health, learn to use available resources at the University of Wyoming that foster academic success, and begin to meet professionals working in veterinary medicine and One Health at the university and beyond.

    Special Note: This FIG requires a minimum math placement exam score of 3 or a minimum ACT math subscore of 23.

    • General Biology
    • General Chemistry
  • student does geology field work in front of rock formation

    Wyoming Rocks: Travel to Yellowstone

    This FIG is intended for students who have a strong interest in environmental science or geology and would like to get an early start on their career.  In this FIG we will take several field trips to explore Wyoming’s amazing geology, which includes rocks from the Earth’s earliest history to our still active Yellowstone super volcano.

    This FIG will also introduce the essential realities of living on a dynamic Earth from a geologist’s perspective. We will examine how geologic events and processes (earthquakes, floods, land-slides, volcanic eruptions, and long-term and short-term climate changes) affect our survival, evolution, and adaptation and how our life and civilization are connected to the Earth’s energy cycles. We will also critically examine geo-engineering.

    Finally, we will look at the new science of ‘geobiochemistry’, which explores the wonderful nexus between geology and life. In particular, we will become acquainted with how the hydrothermal systems of Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park have led us to a new understanding of life in extreme environments.

    • First Year Experience: Exploring the Geology & Environment of Wyoming 
    • Physical Geology
  • students studying together in the halls

    Other Living Learning Communities

    If a floor does not have enough applicants by March 1, it will not be offered.
    • *Air Force ROTC
    • *Army ROTC
    • Engineering & Physical Sciences
    • Environment and Outdoors (Haub School)
    • *Exploratory Studies
    • Fine Arts (Music, Theatre & Dance)
    • *First Generation Housing
    • *Gender Inclusive Housing
    • Health Sciences
    • Honors Community
    • Interfaith
    • Makerspace Floor
    • Movie Buff Floor
    • *Multicultural LLC
    • *Poke Pride
    • Pre-Law Floor
    • *Psychology
    • Sci-Fi & Fantasy
    • Sophomore/20+ 
    • *Tabletop Gamers
    • Transfer & Grad Student/21+
    • Videogaming & Esports
    • *Western Thunder Marching Band
    • Women in STEM

    Starred floors include  recommended shared class(es)

A Brief History of FIGS

Since 1998, the University of Wyoming has offered First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs) to incoming students. Sharing two to four classes together, UW FIG participants have on average 4.3% higher retention rates than non-FIG participants. The reason for this success lies in the three important concepts for a successful FIG: Interaction, Integration, and Involvement, concepts introduced by *Pike (1999).

Interaction includes meaningful meet-ups between peers for activities outside of FIG-sponsored events. Integration includes the connections formed between the FIG courses students are taking. Involvement is when FIG participants attend FIG events and Recognized Student Organizations.

Pike, 1999, The effects of residential learning communities and traditional residential living arrangements on educational gains during the first year of college, Journal of College Student Development, 40 (3), 269-84.


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