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First Year Experience Course

STEP 1102: Step Into College 

The subject of this course is you, the student. This course provides an introduction and opportunity for you to transition to university life, as you discover the resources available (academic, co-curricular, community) and examine the principles of leadership. Designed to promote your self-awareness and personal success in college and in life after college, this course will equip you with flexible skills and strategies that are applicable across subjects and across time. These transferable and durable skills—cross-disciplinary and lifelong-learning skills—will empower you to flourish in the pursuit of your goals.

  • Optional One-Credit Course that ends four weeks before other classes
  • Students form Strong Bonds in Smaller Classroom Settings
  • 1102 Complements the required First Year Seminar 1101
  • Addresses personal, social and academic growth.



venn diagram showing Saddle Up and STEP 1102 differences

What Students Are Saying:

"I thought the assignments were very helpful and they helped me to look forward into my future and prepare me to be a successful college student.

"[My instructors] make it so that each and every lesson is fun and they make sure that we all leave with more knowledge of a topic. . They have a relationship with each student and aren't afraid to make sure we are not settling."

"It was a great experience and I would highly, highly, highly recommend it to any incoming freshman."

"I enjoyed this class. My favorite this year. It really taught me some cool things."


"It was a great course and I'm glad I took it because it help me transition in the university smoother. Also it helped me with how to get around and what all there was to do in my free time or in order to get help with my academics."


"[My instructor] provided a safe place to learn and be ourselves. She also always makes class interesting.""[My instructor] is really compassionate, open, and understanding. She makes the class feel very comfortable and at ease throughout her instructions."

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