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First Year Experience Course

STEP into College 

Interested in getting a kickstart into college and gaining tools that will help you succeed? Enroll in STEP 1102, taught by award-winning instructors. This one-credit course is designed for first-year students to reflect on the first year experience.

Course Description:

The subject of this course is you. This course provides an introduction and opportunity for you to transition to university life, as you discover the resources available (academic, co-curricular, community) and examine the principles of leadership. Designed to promote your self-awareness and personal success in college and in life after college, this course will equip you with flexible skills and strategies that are applicable across subjects and across time. These transferable and durable skills—cross-disciplinary and lifelong-learning skills—will empower you to flourish in the pursuit of your goals.

We also offer a study abroad version of this course. Learn more about that!

venn diagram showing differences between the fye course and saddle up. FYE course is all about you, the student

This class will help with college transition in three areas:

  1. Academic Success (Learning about Learning): connect you with the college—i.e., to promote (a) your appreciation of the meaning and relevance of the college curriculum (liberal arts & sciences), (b) your involvement in the co-curriculum (out-of-class experiential learning), and (c) your use of campus support services (academic-support and student development services);
  2. Campus Engagement (Brown & Gold Experience): connect you with other students—i.e., to help you form peer-support networks and peer-learning communities;
  3. Personal Growth and Wellness: connect your present college experience with your future goals and plans (to help you relate your current college experience with your upcoming decisions about your college major, your future career path, and your life beyond college); emphasize the importance of forming good habits such as active listening, time management, health, mindfulness, and mindset to your college experience and your life.

How to Register

  1. From log-in to WyoRecords, and click on Registration.
  2. You will be redirected to the Registration page. Click on Register for Classes.
  3. Select a Term Open for Registration from the drop down menu and click Continue.
  4. Click on Find Classes.
  5. In Subject type STEP, and in Course Number type 1102. Click on Search.
  6. The Register for Classes screen will display three panels. 
    1. Top panel is search results for this course and the section offerings.
    2. Lower left panel is your schedule.
    3. Summary panel is on the bottom right.
  7. Once you find the section of STEP 1102 that fits with your schedule, click the Add button. Now the course is in your Summary panel.
  8. IMPORTANT! Just adding the course is not enough. You will need to hit the Submit button in the lower right panel (Summary) to confirm your changes and register.

See this Registration Guide for more details and screenshots.

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