Graduate Students


Jeffrey (Jeff) Bell

Newsprint in 18th Century New York

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Morris



Dalton Erskin

European History, Inter-war Period, Veterans of the First World War, Political and Social History

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Blackler


Portrait of UW M.A. History Candidate Georgianna Karahalis

Georgianna (Georgie) Karahalis

Early 20th-century Wyoming Energy, Environment, and Extractive History

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Laegreid



William (Liam) Connor

History of the American West, Native American History, Cultural History

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Laegreid


Photo of Kail Moede

Kail Moede

Women's Suffrage in Hawai'i and the American West

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Laegreid


abigail bucks

Abigail Bucks

European History, Spanish Civil War, 20th Century Literature

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Blackler


Kendall Diaz

Kendall Diaz

German immigration to Latin America in the 19th century

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Blackler


Gaven Meyer

Gaven Meyer

American Western History, Indigenous Peoples History, Religious History

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Laegreid


Graduate Student Becca Lovell

Becca Lovell

Gender and Sexuality History, 17th Century America, Religious History, Indigenous History

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Walker



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