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Children spend a significant part of their lives in school.  Pest management is an important part of school safety.

Integrated Pest Management is a process of managing pests that replies on prevention and multiple control tactics that provide the best control with the least cost and environmental impact.

IPM is based on thorough knowledge of the pests and the technologies used to control them, and can be performed by anyone with proper training.  A good IPM program attempts to make schools less hospitable to pests by modifying the environment, like improving sanitation, and eliminating pest harborage sites, along with using the lowest impact pesticides as necessary. 


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School IPM Training Modules

School IPM training modules for: school administrators, facility managers, pest management professionals/school IPM coordinators, landscape and grounds staff, custodians, maintenance staff, nurses, food service staff and teachers

A circle depicting the steps to school IPM, pest ID, Prevention, Monitoring, action, and evaluation

 Components of School IPM

The components of IPM include prevention, pest ID and monitoring. These and other aspects like IPM coordinator, Maps, IPM Plan and IPM Logbook are described 

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School IPM Forms

Download any of these School IPM forms or templates and modify them as needed.

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Wyoming School Notification and Signs Law

Wyoming statute 35-7-375 requires specific notification and signage if pesticides are used on school grounds

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