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Kinesiology and Health Graduate Study


Future Graduate Student Information

The University of Wyoming Division of Kinesiology and Health offers a Master of Science degree and participates in the Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. program. All of these programs are created to set students apart within the health sciences field. Scroll through the page to find where you will fit in here at the University of Wyoming.


M.S. Admission Requirements and Steps towards Completing Your Application


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Questions? Please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator, Dr. Boyi Dai, at bdai@uwyo.edu



UW has been ranked the nation’s best school for online degrees and certificates in the healthcare field for 2023. Six percent of regionally accredited colleges and universities earned a ranking position. 



QuickStart M.S. Program

The Division of Kinesiology and Health offers a combined Bachelor/Master of Science program to give the University of Wyoming Division of Kinesiology and Health students an opportunity to receive a Master's education with only one additional year of schooling. During the admitted student's senior year, he/she will enroll in a maximum of two (6 credits) of 4000 level courses that will be counted both towards his/her undergraduate B.S. degree and towards his/her M.S. degree. Also, during the admitted student's senior year, he/she will enroll in at least two (6 credits) of 5000 level courses. Qualifying courses must be instructed by a faculty member.


The admission to the program includes:

  1. A student must have a cumulative University of Wyoming GPA equal to or greater than 3.25.

  2. A student must have a cumulative Kinesiology and Health GPA equal to or greater than 3.4.

  3. A faculty member must agree to supervise the student through the student's time in the M.S. program.


The application will take place in the period of time between the student's completion of 90 credits and the following semester's advising week. Special enrollment may be allowed after this benchmark, only with approval from the Graduate Coordinator. Students will complete the standard application and submit a recommendation from their future mentor.

Master of Science with Emphasis in Exercise and Sports Science and Health Promotion and Education

Master of Science with Emphasis in Exercise and Sports Science and Health Promotion and Education is designed for students who have obtained an undergraduate degree with a major program of study in health, exercise, and sport science or kinesiology. Our graduate faculty members offer a variety of areas of study, which can be found by clicking the links below.

Master of Science with Emphasis in Physical Education Teacher Education

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Master of Science with Emphasis in Physical Education Teacher Education is designed for teachers who have attained their licensure for teaching physical education and want to pursue an advanced degree to further develop their professional knowledge of teaching. This track is for physical education teachers who are interested in transitioning into teaching at institutions of higher education or increasing their professional status and salary scale within the K-12 context. This online physical education masters and/or on-site program is flexible to meet the needs of both on-campus full-time students and distance students working full-time in schools. Click the photo to learn more in-depth information about our program.

Programs of Graduate Study


Two options are available to on-campus graduate students in the Division of Kinesiology and Health:
Plan A (thesis) option
Plan B (non-thesis) option
With either option, there are three areas of emphasis to choose from:  1) exercise and sport science, 2) health, or 3) physical education teacher education.
Kinesiology and Health, Exercise and Sport Science Emphasis

Kinesiology and Health, Health Emphasis

Kinesiology and Health, Physical Education Teacher Education Emphasis

Kinesiology and Health, Plan B Option (Paper and Experiential Learning Option)


Distance Learning 

The M.S. in Kinesiology and Health is also offered off-campus to distance students as a Plan B (non-thesis) option. The area of emphasis for the distance program is health and physical education teacher education. 
Area of Emphasis:
Kinesiology and Health Online Education - Health and Physical Education Teaching Only


The Division of Kinesiology and Health offers several opportunities (~7) for Graduate Assistantships each year to on-campus master’s students in the traditional two-year program. Master’s students in the Online Education or QuickStart programs are typically not considered for graduate assistantships. Most assistantships cover all of the tuition and fee costs and provide payment of a stipend to the student over the academic year (September through May). To be considered for a Graduate Assistantship, please complete the K&H Supplemental Application Form, which will be sent to you once you start your University of Wyoming application.


Biomedical sciences are the study of human biological processes, the complex interactions between physiological, genetic, and environmental factors that influence disease and health. It spans the spectrum from fundamental discovery to innovation and application.

The Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. program is designed to position graduates for long-term competitive success in the rapidly changing and multifaceted health-related arena in the 21st century. It is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program, making connections between various disciplines to gain new insights, discover and apply new knowledge, and promote self-directed, life-long learning. The Biomedical Sciences graduate program is a research and discovery-focused program, balancing depth and breadth of content knowledge with "enabling" skills, including problem-solving, innovation, entrepreneurship, communication, and leadership.

Several K&H faculty members are serving as faculty advisors for students in the Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. Program. For more information, click here.