Division of Kinesiology and Health

College of Health Sciences




Research Focus

  • Understanding the process of learning (or re-learning) perceptual-motor skills
  • Investigating the control mechanisms underlying functional movements
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of training methods for teaching, coaching or rehabilitation 


Dr. Qin (Arthur) Zhu 

Graduate Students


Russell Todd, Doctoral
Mingming Yang, Doctoral
Carly Palmer, Master
Zhichen (Jason) Feng, Master



Shaochen Huang, PhD
Zuoqi Zhang, MS
Doris Yan, MS
Danilo Arruda, MS
Taylor Kuehn, MS
Thomas Hart, MS
Sushma Alphonsa, MS

Undergraduate Students

Kiyona Howard, 2023 spring – present
Emma White, 2021 spring
Hannah Burke, 2020 fall and 2021 spring
Autumn Hopkin, 2018–2019
Andrew Amen, 2016 spring & summer
Regan Wilson, 2016 spring
Sean Feehan, 2016 spring
Dakota Anderson, 2015 summer
Ryan Arey, 2015 spring
Kara Purcelley, 2015 – 2016
Andrea Dahil, 2013 fall
Rob Whittaker, 2012 spring
Brandon Stoner, 2012 summer
Caitlin Ann Hudak, 2011spring
Todd Mirich, 2011–2014


We are located in Corbett building Room 159 on the UW campus.  The newly renovated lab is sized about 968 square footages with a curtained 3D motion capture area and office areas.

An exercise lab for Kinesiology and Health.


The PACE lab is equipped with state-of-the-art measuring hardware and software to capture motor behaviors both internally and externally:

OptiTrack motion capture system with 16 PrimeX22 fast-speed cameras, Motive mocap software, and STT InSight 3D motion analyzer.

A graphic showing telemedice equipment.An image of a camera lens.

Graphic of a computer analyzing human excercise.

Tobii Pro Glasses 3 Head Mounted Eye Tracker and Tobii Pro Fusion Screen Mounted Eye Tracker with Tobii Pro Lab analyzing software.

Photo showing equipment used in Telemedicine.A female student using a computer.

Stock photos of computers.

HTC VIVE Pro Eye Virtual Reality System

Image showing vitural reality equipment.

Person wearing vitual reality equipment.


GoPro Hero9 Black Camera, Allowing for High-Resolution Motion Capture

A photo showing a camera.



Custom-Made Adjustable Target Throwing Board

Photo showing a college sports gym.


A graphic showing people playing sports.A graphic showing a man running.





Contact Us

UW Division of Kinesiology and Health

Corbett Building 119

Laramie , WY 82071

Phone: (307) 766-5284

Email: kines@uwyo.edu

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