Juris Doctor / MBA

The University of Wyoming JD / MBA dual degree program takes approximately four years to complete. Students spend three years on-campus engaged in their law studies and one year in the MBA program completing the core curriculum and other program specific requirements. Students typically start the MBA portion of their degree after the L1 year, but this can be flexible based on the needs of the student. 

Students successfully completing this lock-step program will earn dual Juris Doctor and Masters of Business Administration degrees.

The applicant must notify both the College of Law and the MBA Program that he or she is applying for the dual degree program, and must be admitted by each College to participate. Make sure you read through the College of Law's admission requirements in addition to the MBA Program's admission requirements. To remain in the joint program, the student must comply with the minimum performance standards of both the College of Law and Business.

The GMAT or GRE is not required for JD/MBA applicants who demonstrate strong quantitative ability and preparedness for the mathematical rigors of the MBA program through their LSAT, prior coursework, professional experience, and/or certifications. This decision is to be made by the Professional Graduate Degree Programs Office on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to cobgradprograms@uwyo.edu for more information. 


Core Curriculum

Students admitted to the 1-Year Early Career MBA and any of the full-time dual degree programs will complete the following core curriculum courses: 

  • MBAM 5101 MBA Foundations. 1.

  • MBAM 5107 Executive Leadership I. 1.

  • MBAM 5202 Business Analytics. 3.

  • MBAM 5207 Marketing Management. 3.

  • MBAM 5204 Financial Management. 3.

  • MBAM 5208 Accounting for Managers. 3.

  • MBAM 5209 Executive Leadership II. 1.

  • MBAM 5330 Global Business Environment. 3.

  • MBAM 5104 Organizational Behavior and HRM. 3.

  • MBAM 5102 Operations Management. 3.

  • MBAM 5305 Strategic Management. 3.

  • MBA Elective Requirements

    • MBA students, including dual degree students, must take an additional 9 credit hours of 4000 or 5000 level College of Business courses (3 credit hours outside the College of Business may be approved on a case-by-case basis).

*To view the course descriptions, please view our University Catalog.

*For MBA Tuition and Fee information, please visit our Cost of Attendance page or email cobgradprograms@uwyo.edu

"I hope to manage an energy company in Wyoming in the near future. With a B.A. in History and Government, an M.A. in American Government, and as a JD candidate, I wanted to pursue a program that allowed me to develop a richer quantitative and managerial background. My hope is to leverage the skills garnered in the MBA program, in conjunction with my other skill sets, so that I can enjoy a fruitful career in the energy industry."

- Greyson Buckingham, JD/MBA candidate

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