M.S. in Engineering / MBA

Students that hold both an MBA as well as an MS in Engineering degree set themselves apart from many when entering the competitive marketplace upon graduation. Not only can they speak the technical lingo, they can also understand the overarching strategy and operational goals while keeping in mind the managerial/leadership role. There are many ways to determine if the MS in Engineering / MBA is the right path for you: 

  • Does your job (or your prospective job) involve managing or forecasting a budget?

  • Do you want to change career paths completely? 

  • Do you want to move into a managerial (or higher) position within your existing company? Or manage your own operation? 

The University of Wyoming M.S. in Engineering / MBA dual degree can be earned in two years in any department in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Students spend one academic year (Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters) in the MBA program completing the core curriculum. An additional year is spent taking M.S. Engineering courses in the chosen engineering discipline. Students successfully completing this program will earn a Master of Science in Engineering degree and a Master of Business Administration degree.

The applicant must notify both Colleges that he or she is applying for the joint MS in Engineering/MBA program, and must be admitted by each College to participate. To remain in the dual degree program, the student must comply with the minimum performance standards of both the College of Engineering and Applied Science and the College of Business as well as all graduate regulations outlined by the University of Wyoming. 


Core Curriculum

Students admitted to the One-Year Early Career MBA and any of the full-time dual degree programs will complete the following core curriculum courses: 

  • MBAM 5101 MBA Foundations. 1.

  • MBAM 5107 Executive Leadership I. 1.

  • MBAM 5202 Business Analytics. 3.

  • MBAM 5207 Marketing Management. 3.

  • MBAM 5204 Financial Management. 3.

  • MBAM 5208 Accounting for Managers. 3.

  • MBAM 5209 Executive Leadership II. 1.

  • MBAM 5330 Global Business Environment. 3.

  • MBAM 5104 Organizational Behavior and HRM. 3.

  • MBAM 5102 Operations Management. 3.

  • MBAM 5305 Strategic Management. 3.

  • MBA Elective Requirements

    • MBA students, including dual degree students, must take an additional 9 credit hours of 4000 or 5000 level College of Business courses (3 credit hours outside the College of Business may be approved on a case-by-case basis).

*To view the course descriptions, please view our University Catalog.

*For MBA Tuition and Fee information please email cobgradprograms@uwyo.edu


The College of Engineering and Applied Science offers many degree programs that work with our MBA program. Please contact the specific department you are interested in for additional information and program-specific admission requirements. 

"In my time here in the MS/MBA Program at UW, I have learned how to leverage my technical skills with a more in-depth knowledge of how business works. The mix of classroom instruction along with hands-on consulting projects has a created a well-rounded learning environment that facilities both professional and character development."

- Neil Neuberger, MS/MBA Dual Degree Candidate

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