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Energy and Environmental  Nanotechnology GK-12 Project Information

 The National Science Foundation provides funding for graduate level Fellows to go into rural Wyoming classrooms and share their knowledge of science with teachers and students, to act as role models and to help increase understanding of the unique opportunities and challenges Wyoming’s energy industry has on the people of our state.  Fellows help prepare lessons using nanotechnology fundamentals and Wyoming energy and environment as illustrators.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of the program are many.  Teachers and students learn about energy and environmental issues in the state.  Teachers learn about the unique applications nanotechnology brings to science.  Students are excited to have this developing and cutting edge research brought to their classrooms by a "real scientist" and are enthused and encouraged to explore further the STEM disciplines particularly in relation to energy and the environment.  Graduate Fellows gain valuable communication and collaboration skills.  The graduate Fellows grow their leadership skills and those skills carry over into their careers.

Why Energy and Environmental Nanotechnology?

Energy and Environmental Nanotechnology has the possibilities of introducing technologies that are more energy efficient, cleaner and less expensive.  It is fundamental to providing sufficient energy for a growing world and to protecting the environment in which we live.

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