Clinical Psychology Graduate Program Course Requirements


5500 - Developmental Psychopathology
5510 - Adult Psychopathology


5400 - Cognitive-Achievement Assessment
5410 - Assessment: Theory & Personality
5425 - Diagnostic Interviewing


5540 - Diversity Issues in Psychology Seminar


5380 - Theories and Techniques of Psychotherapy
5470 - Evidence-based Treatments

Professional Issues, Standards, and Ethics

5760 - Professional and Ethical Issues


5340 - Intro to Clinical Supervision


5450 - Clinical Practicum
5460 - Advanced Clinical Practicum
5630/5640 - Clinical Supervision Practicum
5790 - Clerkship in Clinical Psychology (1 summer)

Research Training

5060 - Statistical Methods in Psychology
5300 - Applied Multivariate Analysis
5520 - Advanced Research Methods
5960 - Masters Thesis Research 1
5830 - Research in Clinical, Preliminary Exam 2
5980 - Dissertation Research 3

Core Requirements

5120 - Neuropsychology of Human Behavior
5780 - Advanced Cognitive Development
5650 - Social and Affective Psychology

Clinical Internship

5740 -Internship in Clinical Psychology (APA accredited)


Electives (optional)

1Masters Thesis. If a student has completed a master's degree in psychology in which a research thesis was required, the student may submit the thesis and program of study to the Transfer/Waiver Committee. If the Committee accepts the thesis, this requirement will be considered satisfied. If the Committee does not accept the thesis, or if the master's degree did not include a thesis, the student must complete degree requirements for the master's degree.

2Preliminary Examination. Satisfactory completion of a preliminary examination in the broad areas of psychology and in the candidate's area of specialty is required prior to applying for internship.

3Doctoral Dissertation. Acceptance by the doctoral committee of the dissertation proposal is required before the student may apply for internship.

Residency Requirement

Students who enter our Program with bachelor's degrees must complete a minimum 5-year course of study, consisting of 4 years of full-time enrollment on campus and a year-long APA approved internship. Students who enter the Program with an approved Master’s Degree may complete the curriculum in three years, consisting of a minimum 2 years of full-time enrollment and a year-long APA approved internship.   

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