Department of Psychology

College of Arts & Sciences

Clinical Graduate Student Association

Current Positions: 

  •    President: Nick Livingston
  •     Vice President: Rachael Dumas
  •     Secretary: Kate Breitenfeldt
  •     General Faculty Representative: Chris Cannon
  •     Clinical Faculty Representative: Robert Kaya
  •     Professional Opportunities and Development Coordinator: Lindsay Gillikin
  •     Student Support and Wellbeing Coordinators: Natalie Poole
  •     Visitation Weekend Coordinators: Alison Tassone & Abby Teply
  •     Initiative Leaders: Theresa Andrzejewski & Sam Spoor
  •     Party Planning Committee: Chris Mancuso

About the Clinical Graduate Student Association (CGSA): 

CGSA is a student-led organization, comprised of students in the Clinical Psychology PhD Program within the Department of Psychology at the University of Wyoming. As a group, we strive to represent and advocate for the common interest of our students through efforts to maximize student well-being, programmatic success, and professional development throughout our graduate education. We accomplish this by: 

  •  Holding regular meetings which serve as a space for clinical graduate students to unite and identify possible improvements. 
  • Collaborating to identify actionable initiatives in the interest of improving student well-being, work life, and professional development. 
  • Facilitating productive communication between graduate students and faculty members. 


What CGSA Has Accomplished: 

Through our student-led efforts, CGSA has pursued a range of initiatives that serve the interests of our students. Each year, we strive to update our initiatives and action plans based on the unique needs of our ever-evolving student body. Historically, our accomplishments and actions have included: 

  • Initiating and ensuring funding for a student-support group. 
  • Identifying and recommending improvements to our clinical practicum experiences and comprehensive examination process.
  •  Facilitating methods of providing feedback to faculty members and the department to ensure that student voices are heard and communicated effectively. 
  • Evaluating student well-being and burnout to guide specific recommendations for which these can be promoted and mitigated, respectively. 
  •  Increasing student involvement in faculty meetings to provide additional avenues for student perspectives to be accounted for in departmental decisions and to facilitate greater transparency of department activities. 
  • Soliciting interest in professional development opportunities from students and facilitated these opportunities each semester (e.g., seminars, didactic experiences, case conferences).
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