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Advancing Meaningful Corporate Engagement

Corporate partnerships empower a company to capture the attention of students, make personal connections, and gain insights that help a company’s recruiting process. Partners will also have the opportunity to engage face-to-face with our sales students, build their brand, and discern best fit students for their company. Each level of our program has benefits which are laid out in our corporate partners program .


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Brand Building

Through its marketing and co-sponsored events, the Center is in a unique position to help sales firms improve awareness of its organization and career opportunities.


Recruitment Facilitation

The Center enables organizations to identify and evaluate sales talent through interactions with students to better determine student potential, commitment, and fit.

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Consultative Partnerships

Serving as a hub for sales innovation and best practices, the Center has a network of expertise enabling it to engineer and execute various customized projects.




Diverse Talent

By providing sales program offerings to all majors on campus, the Center provides a highly sought-after pool of exceptionally trained sales professionals.


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Industry Informed Programs

Corporate partners provide insight into curricular improvements and interact with students directly as mentors, evaluators, and coaches. Our partners become part of the educational process.


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Customized Student Engagement

Branded days on campus, classroom visits, lunch-and-learns, and selling competitions are but a few of the ways the Center can help sales firms develop meaningful campus experiences with sales students. 











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