Virtual K-12 Roadshow

Mission Statement:
To form an inclusive network of sustained relationships through STE(A)M outreach and campus visits, that sustain interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary creative thinking and learning in diverse Wyoming K-PhD students, educators at all levels and community members through active learning.

One way we enact our Mission Statement:
Teams of undergraduate and graduate students from UW, along with UW instructors, travel throughout the state facilitating hands-on learning in K-12 STEM classrooms using active learning techniques through the Science Initiative Roadshow. The teams from UW work with K-12 teachers to integrate learning experiences into existing curricula in order to achieve assigned learning outcomes. This collaborative approach exposes Wyoming students and teachers to innovative active learning techniques and creates links between UW and schools across the state to improve STEM teaching statewide.
What do we offer to teachers and students through the K-12 Science Initiative Roadshow?
  1. Customizable curriculum that melds our research expertise with your learning outcomes 
  2. A diverse team of scholars across levels and science disciplines who are trained in teaching and learning
  3. Hyperflexible modalities for learning - from online to outdoor to in the classroom
  4. Sustained partnerships surrounding authentic application of science in community problem solving 
  5. Long-lasting relationships that empower learners across levels 
  6. Educational development (particularly training in inclusive active learning modalities) for K-12 teachers to improve and enhance STEM education
Behind every video and resource you see here, there is a real researcher who would love to work with you and your students. Please do not hesitate to contact us!
Please complete the SI Roadshow Survey to request a visit from the Roadshow team! 

  • Virtual Roadshow Videos and NGSS 
    • In this video Ali Baas (an award-winning Junior High and High School teacher and PhD student in Curriculum and Instruction) speaks about how the Virtual Roadshow videos can be used to teach three-dimensionally and across NGSS standards.
  • Discovering Astrobiology with Dr. Sutter and Dr. Currano 
    • After watching this synthesis of paleobotany and astronomy, you will be able to answer the question: How will we recognize biosignatures (signs of life) on other planets (such as Mars).
  • Perfectus Biomed Lab Tour with Rachel and Team
    • In this video Tour the Perfectus Biomed Labs in Jackson Wyoming with Rachel and Research Scientists!
  • Virtual Tour of the Observatory
    • In this video, you will have the opportunity to tour the Wyoming Infrared Observatory (WIRO) with Dr. Kobulnicky.
  • Brett Ralston Answers Questions from Rock Springs 
    • This video is for answering Rock Springs Questions and will not be monetized.
  • PCR in Lab with Brett 
    • In this video, Brett takes us on a tour of his lab and explains how he uses PCR to help him in studying genes that are associated with hormones released by the pituitary.
  • COVID-19 search for vacine with Liam
    • In this video, Liam interviews experts in Chemical Engineering and Pharmacy about the process of design, development and distribution of a possible COVID-19 vaccine. After watching this, you will better understand the complexities of and inequities inherent within this process.
  • Virtual Inreach Video with Dr. Ben Noren 
    • Dr. Ben Noren shows the Rock Springs High School students around his laboratory in our first virtual inreach video. In this video, Dr. Noren takes us on a tour of his laboratory and explains his research about hydrogels explaining what they are and how they help us understand biology and cells.
  • Sensory Integration of Taste & Smell with Dr. Brummond
    • After watching this video with Dr. Karagh Brummond, you'll be able to perform a simple experiment that allows you to experience the integration of taste and smell. 

      This video fits 4-LS1-2 from the NGSS really well and links to MS-LS1-8.

  • DNA extraction with Liam Sydney 
    • After watching this video featuring Liam and Sydney, you will be able to extract DNA from either a banana or saliva. You will be able to explain why household reagents allow DNA extraction!

      The following learning standards are relevant to this video:

      [MS-LS1-2], [MS-PS1-2], [5-PS1-1], [HS-LS-1], [HS-LS3-1], [HS-LS4-1]

  • June Night Sky with Jessica and Cristilyn
    • After watching this video you'll be able to identify features in the night sky this month (June 2020). You'll also be able to share some knowledge and stories related to these night sky features to a star-gazing buddy!
      This vodcast could be linked to Wyoming standards: 1-ESS1-1, 1-ESS1-2, 5-ESS1-2, MS-ESS1-1, MS-ESS1-2, MS-ESS1-3, *Jessica also dives into General Relativity and why Newtonian mechanics does not apply on Mercury. I am not finding standards for General Relativity.
  •  Garden Chemistry with Mercedes
    •  In this vodcast, Mercedes explains the chemistry of natural weed killers. This links to MS-PS1-5 and HS-PS1-5 Matter and its Interactions.
  • How the Brain Learns Best with Rachel
    • After watching this vodcast with Rachel, you'll be able to identify conditions/environments in which your brain works best. 
  • Writing a laboratory notebook with Rachel
    • In this vodcast, you will learn how to maintain a lab notebook. Rachel works through the process of preparing the lab notebook, planning an experiment, performing an experiment (isolating microbial colonies from a sourdough starter culture) and documenting that experiment. This vodcast was designed for 7th grade through college Senior but could even be appealing to K-7. It can be linked to many standards: K-LS1-1, K-ESS2-2, K-ESS3-1, K-2-ETS1-2 (communicating through sketches), 2-PS1-4, 2-LS4-1, 3-LS4-3, MS-LS2-1, MS-LS2-3, MS-LS2-4 (microbial ecosystems), MS-LS4-5 (artificial selection with selective media), MS-ETS1-2, MS-ETS1-3, MS-ETS2-1, HS-LS2-1. The overt standards are the ELA / Literacy connections I think: RST.6-8.3, WHST.6-8.7. It’s interesting that doing science is just an ELA connection? This should be the most important science standard. Reach out to me if I am misinterpreting!
  • Making Petal Paint with Mercedes  
    • After watching this video, you will be able to design an experiment in which you can make paint from rose petals. You will remember how to make a lab notebook entry. (Links to the following standards: 5-PS1-4, MS-PS1-2, MS-PS1-3 and HS-PS1-5 (Matter and its interactions)
  • Virtual Roadshow Mule Deer with Rhiannon 
    • In this Virtual Roadshow, you will learn with Rhiannon about how Wildlife Ecologists discover how fawn (baby Mule Deer) learn to migrate. This video links well to Wyoming Standard 4-LS1-2!
  • Performing Coffee Filter Chromatography in the Kitchen with Ella and Rachel  HTTPS:// 
    • (Links to the following standards: Matter and Its Interactions [5-PS-3], [2-PS-2], Energy [5-PS-1], From Molecules to Organisms: Structure and Processes [MS-DLLS-6], [HS-DLLS-5])
  • Using Red Cabbage to Create a Natural pH indicator with Ella HTTPS://
    • (It seems to me that the standards are missing overt mention of hydrogen ion concentration as a pivotal physical and biological measure? - if anyone has ideas of how they would relate this to the standards, shout out!)
  • Drawing a Galaxy with Jessica HTTPS:// 
    • Links to the following standards: Earths Place in the Universe [1-HESS-1], [MS-HESS-2], [HS-HESS-1]and probably also [K-2-BETS-2] at least with respect to the concepts; Fusion reactions might link to 4-PS-2, Matter and Its Interactions [MS-PS-2], [HS-PS-4], [HS-PS-8])
  •  Universal Expansion with Jessica HTTPS://
    • Links to Wyoming Science standards: 1-HESS-1 and 5-HESS-2 (awesome activity for rates of change)
  • Making Kombucha and doing Kitchen Microbiology with Rachel (likely High-school age but may appeal to younger audiences if parents/teachers vet) HTTPS://
    • Links to: MS-DLLS-3, MS-DLLS-6, MS-DLLS-7, MS-DLLS-1, MS-DLLS-4, MS-DLLS-5 (microbial ecosystem)
  • Performing Coffee Filter Chromatography in the Kitchen with Ella and Rachel  HTTPS:// 
    • Links to Wyoming Science standards: Matter and Its Interactions [5-PS-3], [2-PS-2], Energy [5-PS-1], From Molecules to Organisms: Structure and Processes [MS-DLLS-6], [HS-DLLS-5])


Check out this article from the Wyoming Public Media on how the UW Science Initiative Roadshow has moved virtual to help STEM students and teachers across the state during these times of SARS-CoV-2.

Check out this video where the Roadshow and Rachel Watson were featured on WedED radio. 


Virtual Roadshow in Review

Quotes about the Riverton Summer School Roadshow


"This roadshow was unlike any that I have experienced before, but it was clear that the students and teachers appreciated us being there just as much if not more than when we have been there in person. I couldn’t see the students physically, but I could still witness them light up with awe and curiosity over the chats. It is so rewarding to see that their joy and interest were still being peaked even through a virtual connection." -Sade Fermelia 


"What makes teaching in this environment so unique is how the public health circumstances that are shaping our society present perfect opportunities for active learning. Our Virtual Roadshow with the Riverton Middle School allowed us to engage students in active learning that helped them tackle the uncertainty of COVID-19 in their communities with science and facts. Experiences like these in Roadshow have shown me that active learning is not only useful for helping students achieve learning outcomes; it helps to build community using experiences that we all share." -Liam Guille


"Working with the roadshow showed how essential active learning is in the virtual setting. By helping create an environment that engages student curiosity, we were able to embrace many of the similar attributes of in-person instruction in a virtual setting. The educators and students at Riverton Middle School did a phenomenal job at correlating each lesson with the impact that it has on our communities during the pandemic. This experience has shown me how truly impactful active learning has on the many facets of our society." - Sydney Comet

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