LAMP Fellow of the Month (September 2020)


Our featured LAMP Fellow was nominated by Dr. Christine Boggs of the ECTL. Dr. Boggs writes: “At the end of emergency remote teaching in spring semester it was clear that fall would not be an average fall and that desperate plans for assisting faculty with making their courses resilient to changes in delivery were necessary. There are over 900 individuals teaching courses at UW in fall and there are six faculty developers who are employed in the summer in the ECTL - we needed help to meet the demand for training! We sent out a call for faculty mentors to help us through the summer and 25 intrepid faculty signed on. JJ was one of those. At first we were hesitant to include her in this group, due to her lack of experience in online teaching, but we all knew her pedagogical knowledge and her participation in LAMP made it well worth taking a chance. We were wildly underestimating how right we were! JJ jumped into the experience of first being a student in the class that we would provide to over 350 faculty during the summer. She dove in, learned more than I would have thought possible, and then proceeded to be one of our most effective and enthusiastic mentors! She worked with her faculty tirelessly, helping them navigate challenging and unknown topics and techniques. She engaged them in discussions that broke barriers and elevated their thinking. In the end she has been a Super Mentor and has become a master of resilient teaching that supports her department, colleagues, students, and UW and beyond!”


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