2018 LAMP Summer Institute

2018 - 2019 group photo

Participants in LAMP’s 2018-2019 Science Initiative Summer Institute (as well as the mentor’s supporting their learning) are pictured above. Participants are listed below.


On the week of June 4th - 9th, 2018, twenty-five educators from the University of Wyoming, Northwest College, Sheridan College and Laramie County Community College attended a summer institute during which they received intensive training in active learning. In-depth training on Team-based Learning and Problem-based learning accompanied holistic training on all forms of hands-on, minds-on pedagogy.

lamp fellows engaging in team based learning

The weeklong retreat, called LAMP’s Science Initiative Summer Institute (or dubbed LAMP Camp by participants) took place in Leadville, Colorado. Above, LAMP participants engage in Team-based Learning (TBL) with mentor Julie Estis of the Team-based Learning Collaborative



Fellows rate the overall experience as 4.75 on a 5 point scale and they say:


“I can't imagine it being a more positive, energizing, productive experience. This is just what we need--hands across campus, working as a tribe to make learning more active and also more interdisciplinary.”
“The way everything was presented in modeling style and the time to collaborate was the key.  Best PD I have done EVER, I am walking away ready to implement and feeling supported.”
I had no idea about implementing active learning prior to the program. It was fantastic to learn from diverse mentors with various expertise.
“The level of introspection the content and methodology invoked was unmatched”
“Everything about LAMP was great. It was a wonderful networking opportunity and it was run by caring, competent staff who did an amazing job of leading activities about the techniques rather than just talking about the techniques.”



Fellows say they most appreciated: 


“That there is not one correct way to teach. The Summer Institute was designed to show us many different techniques and ideas and let us take what works for us, what feels true to ourselves. I really appreciated this was someone who can't make a huge change to the course, as a TA I can only change what I do.” 


The collaboration between the organizers and the mentors, as well as the guest speakers, was truly inspirational. There is so much passion around active learning in this group, that it's a pleasure to be part of this mission.”


“It is a very thoughtful program that creates a strong bond with its members. While it was intense, it was incredibly thought provoking and informative.”


Productive retreat in a beautiful environment.”


Michael Taylor presents his instructional strategy.

Michael Taylor (professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Wyoming) presents his instructional strategy. All participants will design or redesign curriculum based upon their learning at the Summer Institute.

LAMP Summer Institute Participants present their instructional strategy at the Historic Mining Hall of Fame

LAMP Summer Institute Participants present their instructional strategy at the Historic Mining Hall of Fame. Ann Stebner Steele of the Honors Program is pictured at right 



2018-2019 Faculty and Graduate Student Fellows

  • Michael Cuddy (NWC Chemistry)

  • Mathew Osborne (NWC Biology)

  • Kerrie Spinney (NWC Mathematics)

  • Matthew Craig (Sheridan College Biology)

  • Stephanie Fielder (LCCC Chemistry)

  • Matthew Morrison (LCCC Agriculture)

  • Kira Heater (LCCC Mathematics)

  • Rosemary McBride (LCCC Agroecology/Natural Resource Economics)

  • Bruce Nisley (LCCC) Agriculture

  • Gerard Andrews (UW Microbiology)

  • Riley Jordan (UW Physics & Astronomy)

  • Dylan Kloster (UW Physics & Astronomy)

  • Amy Cavanaugh (UW Physics & Astronomy)

  • David Kasper (UW Physics & Astronomy)

  • Ali Baas (UW Science Education & Albany County School)

  • Lori Howe (UW Honors Program)

  • Mary Katherine Scott (UW Honors Program)

  • Anne Stebner Steele (UW Honors Program)

  • Amy Navratil (UW Zoology & Physiology)

  • Karagh Brummond (UW Zoology & Physiology)

  • Libby Megna (UW Zoology & Physiology, Program in Ecology)

  • George Noah (UW Aerospace Studies)

  • Samuel Shearer (UW Aerospace Studies)

  • Katie Wagner (UW Botany)

  • Michael Taylor (UW Chemistry)



Poster Presentations

Aerial view of poster presentations



poster presentation by LAMP Fellow
poster presentation by LAMP Fellow