LAMP Fellows Program


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Summer Institute and Yearlong Training on Active Learning

The LAMP Fellows Program is an incentivized, immersive year-long faculty development opportunity sponsored by the Science Initiative's Learning Actively Mentoring Program (LAMP) designed to facilitate teachers with incorporating active learning techniques and methods into their STEM curricula. Upon completing the Science Initiative’s Summer Institute, educators will be able to:

  • Implement active learning techniques ranging from snowball to problem-based learning.

  • Write a teaching philosophy that reflects their values, goals, pedagogy, and assessment. LAMP fellows self-assess and LAMP mentors assess growth on philosophies using a rubric that Rachel Watson and Ed Nuhfer developed.

  • Present student learning outcomes and realize these outcomes with instruction and assessments that promote student engagement.

  • Develop innovative curriculum using backwards design.

For more information on the Science Initiative Summer Institute [SI]and yearlong training contact LAMP Director Rachel Watson (

All UW faculty, UW PhD students, and Wyoming Community College faculty in STEM fields are welcome to apply.

LAMP is currently training the 2023-2024 class of LAMP Fellows. Applications for the 2025-2026 class will open in Fall 2024. We look forward to your application!

Each semester, we feature a LAMP educator who is working to integrate active learning practices into their STEM teaching. Professor Kassandra Willingham is the spring 2024 featured LAMP Fellow!

Why should you be a part of the LAMP Summer Institute?  See below (and click the image for a full-size PDF).

LAMP is transforming educators and educational communities across Wyoming

The Impact of LAMP Fellows

LAMP Fellows receive intensive, year-long training in active learning. They develop instructional strategies that are implemented in their classrooms, assess the impacts on student learning and develop a teaching philosophy statement. The Fellows program has had a large impact on instructors, courses and students at the University of Wyoming and at five of the Wyoming Community Colleges. Visualizations of these impacts can be seen on the Science Intitiative's main webpage.