wind energy research center

The Wind Energy Research Center (WERC) at the University of Wyoming's (UW) School of Energy Resources is a collaboration with the College of Engineering and Applied Science dedicated to improving wind energy technology and its applications in Wyoming. 

Using theoretical, computational, and experimental approaches, WERC works with its university and federal lab partners on the interaction between the wind and the wind turbines that make up a wind plant. Efforts are focused on:

    • Modeling the wind.

    • Improving wind technology and its integration with existing electricity production.

    • Addressing transmission grid impacts.

    • Addressing transmission impacts and economic issues associated with wind energy.

jonathan naughton and a wind turbine

tall wind turbine



The mission of WERC is to examine the complexities associated with wind energy, including storage and trasnmission issues. It further conducts research in the advancement of wind turbine science and systems, and examines the regulatory, economic, and policy concerns to better position Wyoming as a leader in renewable energy.


lump of coal



The Wind Energy Research Center has many ongoing projects in various stages of development. Focus areas include experimental aerodynamics, micro-scale modeling, high fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling, and wind resource modeling.