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The UW Stable Isotope Facility is a world class core research lab at the University of Wyoming. The UW SIF provides quality isotopic analyses for the research community at UW and researchers world-wide. UW SIF offers a hands-on teaching and research facility for UW students, postdocs and faculty. We are engaged in development of novel analytical techniques for research in biological and earth system sciences. Our mission is to provide quality data with the utmost integrity. Interpretation of this data is left up to the user.

The Stable Isotope Facility is located in the Berry Biodiversity Conservation Center, in a laboratory designed specifically for an isotope facility. The facility is equipped with one Finnigan Delta+XP and a 3 Delta V continuous flow inlet Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers (IRMS). All instruments are configured for the analysis of H, C, N, S, and O. These mass spectrometers are connected to eight different peripheral devices, helping to meet the growing demands of researchers and students on campus. A laser based Liquid Water Isotope Analyser from Picarro is used for isotopic measurements of H and O of waters. The laboratory provides many sample prep devices including vacuum extraction lines, micro balances, ovens, centrifuge, freeze dryer, and grinders for users on campus. The facility also houses a GC-C isotope ratio mass spectrometer(Delta V) for exploring compound specific work. This instrumentation is available to qualified University of Wyoming researchers. UWSIF DOES NOT perform compound specific analyses. 

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