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Peer Mentoring Program

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Meet the Cowboy Coaches

Our peer-mentoring program is made up of current students called Cowboy Coaches. They bring a deep understanding and perspective to our newer students who may need a little extra help, friendship or mentoring.  
Our mentors are matched with other students based on a variety of traits including areas of study, personality, social factors and more. We provide our coaches with a high level of training to ensure each mentor can take a solution-based and empathetic approach when working with their peers. Cowboy Coaches are supervised by our OSSG staff in the event a student is in crisis and requires additional resources from licensed professionals.

Find a Mentor     


Angela Davis Angela Davis
Psychology, Criminal Justice, and African American Diaspora Studies | Senior

"UW is a great place to find your home away from home!"


Aspen Cotton Aspen Cotton
Kinesiology and Health Promotion | Junior

"The University of Wyoming is the perfect example of riding for the brand, the state cherishes its only University. "


Weylan Fluharty
Weylan Fluharty
Political Science | Senior

"The University of Wyoming is filled with students, faculty, and staff that care."


Avery O'Brien Avery O'Brien
Finance Major, Minors in Real Estate and Blockchain | Sophomore

"UW is truly home away from home, no university will make you feel more comfortable than UW."


Braiden Johnson Braiden Johnson
Elementary Education | Senior

"I would describe the University of Wyoming as open-armed. UW offers everyone different opportunities that fit them the best."


Brianna Perry Brianna Perry
Theatre & Dance, Concentrations in Performance & Design | Senior

"The University of Wyoming has a really great sense of community, and I have made so many great relationships here!"


Brooklyn Prince Brooklyn Prince
Molecular Biology Major, Minor in Physiology | Junior

"UW has given me many unique opportunities and allowed me to make lifelong connections. It is a community where I feel safe and welcomed."


Ciara Thompson Ciara Thompson
Social Work Major, Minors in Disability Studies and Psychology | Senior

"UW is a community that supports, welcomes, and encourages students. It has definitely become a home to me."


Darrah Short Darrah Short
Social Work, Honors, and Disability Studies | Junior

"UW gives you the tight-knit community that is common in small towns, but with personal opportunities and academic attention that cannot be found anywhere else."


Lizzy Crane Lizzy Crane
Kinesiology | Junior

"UW is an amazing school that welcomes everyone!"


Emily Powell Emily Powell
Pharmacy | Graduate Student

"UW is like my second home. The community on this campus is unmatched!"


Emilygrace Piel Emilygrace Piel
Theatre & Dance, Design and Tech Management | Senior

"UW is all about community and connection. Not only for those at the university but also in the greater Laramie and Wyoming community!"


Emma Sorensen Emma Sorensen
Musical Theatre Major, Minor in Music | Junior

"UW is a place where everyone is accepted and celebrated for who they are. Everyone has a chance to find who they want to be."


Grace Ann Choate Grace Ann Choate
Religious Studies and Organizational Leadership Major, Minor in Human Development | Junior

"UW is my home away from home where the professors actually care about us."


Grace Seely Grace Seely
Speech, Language, & Hearing Science and Disability Studies | Senior

"UW has given me so many unique opportunities in my time here. It is an incredible place with an amazing staff."


Grant Dillivan Grant Dillivan
Criminal Justice and Psychology, Honors | Junior

"UW is full of new opportunities and people to meet, as well as a tight-knit community where you’ll always be running into friends!"


Isabelle Orozco

Isabelle Orozco

Chemical Engineering Major, Minors in Chemistry and Native American Studies | Sophomore

"A very diverse community with a place for everyone to belong."


Sarah Gregg

Sarah Gregg

Family and Consumer Sciences: Human Development and Family Sciences | Senior

"I love the community of our campus and of Laramie in general, it is a place I am proud to call home."


Abigail Fry

Abigail Fry

Pharmacy Major, Minor in Biology | Graduate Student

"The University of Wyoming is my home and has helped shaped me into the person I am today!"


Karissa Kiser Karissa Kiser
Physiology Major, Minor in Professional Writing | Junior

"UW is a place where people on-campus and off-campus rally around the success of students and the success of the University. UW is a community anyone would be proud to be a part of. "


Kaya Vonburg Kaya Vonburg
Wildlife & Fisheries Biology and Management | Senior

"At UW, the staff is always kind and allows for diverse opportunities!"


Kaylen Maltais Kaylen Maltais
Management in Human Resources & Entrepreneurship Major, Minors in Anthropology and Hospitality | Senior

"UW is comprised of an eclectic student body that defines what it means to be a cowboy in innumerable ways."


Lona van der Linden Lona van der Linden
Computer Science | Junior

"UW is full of opportunities to connect with your major, your professors, students, and campus – don't be afraid to ask!"


Mikayla (Mo) Morrison Mikayla (Mo) Morrison
Secondary English Education, Honors | Senior

"UW is a place for everyone to feel comfortable learning all they can to prepare them for the future."


Morgan Jo McKelvey Morgan Jo McKelvey
Speech Language & Hearing Sciences Major, Minor in Psychology | Senior

"UW is a wonderful place to make lifelong friends and experience Cowboy pride like no other!"


Peyton O'Dougherty Peyton O'Dougherty
Elementary Education/Special Education Major, Minor in Spanish | Senior

"UW is a uniquely close and warm community where all talents and walks of life are welcome and supported. You can easily explore your strengths and weaknesses."


Sarah Copertino Sarah Copertino
Geology, Environment & Natural Resources, Certificate in GIS | Senior

"UW is a place where others want to help you find a community and succeed, with resources available to make sure that happens."


Sarah Griner Sarah Griner
Physiology Major, Minor in Spanish | Senior

"The University of Wyoming is a place where everyone can feel like they belong; it is a community."



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