Academic Complaints

Initial Steps for Resolving Academic Complaints – Quick Tips:
  •  For academic related complaints, the student must first attempt to resolve his or her concerns directly with the decision maker in a timely and sincere manner.  
  • If there is not satisfactory resolution with the decision maker, the student must then discuss their concern with the appropriate academic unit head (department head, division head, or department chair). 
  • If satisfactory resolution is not reached at the unit head level, the student must then bring their concern to the responsible dean’s office. 
  • Thereafter, appeals may be lodged to the Office of Academic Affairs through appropriate processes.

Choose from the following Academic Processes:

Academic Affairs Graduate Grade Appeals Process

Academic Affairs Graduate Grade Appeal Instructions

Academic Affairs Undergraduate Grade Appeals Process

Academic Dishonesty Appeal Guidelines

College of Arts & Sciences Grade Appeals Process

College of Arts & Sciences Academic Dishonesty Process

College of Business Grade Appeals Process

College of Business Academic Dishonesty Process

College of Education Grade Appeals & Academic Dishonesty

College of Health Sciences Grade Appeals Process

College of Engineering Grade Appeals Process

College of Law Student Complaint Policy

Scholarships & Financial Aid Complaint Process

Title IV Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Complaint Process

Beyond UW

If you have worked through University processes and there has been no resolution, decide which definition your complaint meets.

1. Quality of education, defined by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), which pertains to an institution’s:

     a. courses and programs that require levels of student performance appropriate to a degree or certificate;

     b. faculty and staff associated with the degrees and certificates it offers, as well as student services; and

     c. the process designed to promote continuous improvement.

2. Consumer protection, defined as the protection of consumers against advertising, sale or distribution of merchandise or services through a deceptive trade practice as outlined in the Wyoming Consumer Protection Act, W.S. 40-12-101 through 40-12-114. State education complaints can be made at the Wyoming Department of Education website.

3. Online Education, defined by the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA) as instruction offered by any means where the student and faculty member are in separate physical locations. It includes, but is not limited to, online, interactive video or correspondence courses or programs. This definition does not include complaints about grades or conduct.

If the complaint was unresolved at the University level, and if the complaint meets one or more definition above, proceed to this form.

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