Student Life Complaints

The Office of the Student Ombudsperson can handle a variety of complaints, concerns, and questions. They look to assist with: listening to student concerns, providing information on university policies and procedures, providing information on how to make concerns known to the university, assisting in evaluating available options, and providing feedback to administration when systemic issues/trends occur.

Student Code of Conduct Complaints Through the Student Code of Conduct, the Dean of Students Office strives to reduce and prevent behavior that undermines academic success and that negatively detracts from the educational mission of the University. Please see the following link: Student Code of Conduct Violations Reporting

Dean of Students UWYO Cares Health & Safety Concerns The UWYO Cares Team is a University of Wyoming multi-disciplinary team responsible for assessing, responding to and evaluating the safety and welfare of individuals who present concerns of any nature. Families, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to report concerns about a student's health, wellbeing, security and/or academic success. Please use the following link to report health and safety concerns: UWYO Cares Concerning Behaviors Referral

Student Health Services FERPA Privacy The University of Wyoming by and through the Student Health Service (“University” or “we”) is required by law to maintain the privacy of your protected health information (“PHI”), give you this notice that describes our legal duties and privacy practices concerning your PHI and to notify you following a breach of security of your PHI. Complaints about this Notice of Privacy Practices or requests for further information can be sent to the Student Health Services email: If the FERPA student privacy complaint is not satisfied first by Student Health or the University of Wyoming a complaint can then be addressed to the U.S. Department of Education.

Disability Support Services Grievance Process Decisions regarding eligibility for assistance, choice of accommodation, treatment you receive by faculty and staff, etc. can be issues of disagreement or conflict. If you disagree with a decision that has been made regarding eligibility, service, treatment, etc., the above link contains information for steps concerning grievances.

Campus Recreation Complaints & Concerns For complaints, concerns or appeals regarding anything related to Campus Recreation please report these to our staff members, directory provided in the link.

Authorized Absences & All-School Withdrawals In certain situations where an unanticipated class conflict arises, the Dean of Students office can provide an authorized absence to a student, allowing them to make up missed work for the class without penalty and all-school withdrawals refer to a student removing all of their currently enrolled courses from their registration.

Residence Life & Dining Complaints can be sent to the following email or calling 307-766-3175.

Residence Life Housing Complaint/Appeals can be sent to

For complaints about or to ASUW please email and for more information regarding ASUW policies and procedures please view this link.

For any complaints or concerns about RSO's please send an email to If it is for a larger CAC issue, you can email For events hosted by 7220 Entertainment, which is housed under the CAC, please contact Amanda Kuster at to find their procedures for grievances. 


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