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Snowy Range Summer Dance Festival is proud of our ability to offer numerous scholarships to students each year so they are able to attend the festival. Scholarships are very competitive and funding varies depending on the source of funding and the student application. Some scholarships are restricted to specific cities, regions or state while others are available without restrictions. For example: in most situations, scholarships are awarded for partial tuition.

Awards are based on the following criteria: 
1) Quality of performance (from audition or video)
2) Financial need
3) Students who have attended previous festivals.

In addition, consideration is given to student traveling extended distances.

Application Process

The following materials must be included to be eligible for consideration.  These are in addition to uploaded information for registration.

  1. Completed online application form. You will need to create an account to submit the application.  The application system will close May 1, 2024.

  2. Recommendation form or letter from a dance instructor with whom you are currently studying or have previously studied.*

  3. Recommendation form or letter from an academic teacher with whom you are currently studying or have previously studied (could be a Junior High, High School or college instructor) OR A character recommendation form or letter from a person of your choice, such as an adult who knows you well. 

  4. A video (uploaded using the online application) that demonstrates your technical and performance ability. The video must include 2 video excerpts of a formal combination and/or variation in two dance styles. 

Acceptable video content for scholarship submission:

  1. Ballet: Excerpts from a formal ballet barre and center, or formal variation.

  2. Modern & Jazz: Excerpts from a formal dance class and/or formal combination.

  3. Musical Theatre, Tap or Character: short dance that best demonstrates your ability.

Whatever you choose for your video presentation, be sure it demonstrates your best ability.

PLEASE LIMIT VIDEO TO NO MORE THAN 7 MINUTES TOTAL RUNNING TIME. Videos of performances or formats other than what is requested above will disqualify the applicant.


All materials can be submitted using the new online application

Please email any questions to Cat Kamrath,


Applications are due May 1, 2024

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