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About Chemical Engineering at UW

A Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wyoming prepares you for the highest levels of practice and scholarly research. Working closely with world-class scholars on studies related to material science, transport in permeable media, energy production, interfacial science, biomedical engineering, regenerative medicine, water treatment and other critical areas, you will have the opportunity to develop your thinking around ideas and processes that will inform your entire career.

The close-knit nature of the UW Chemical Engineering doctoral program provides an individualized graduate experience that affords access to faculty in chemical engineering and scholars from other disciplines so that you might ask and investigate questions through an interdisciplinary lens.

UW's Chemical Engineering PhD Degree

Located in Laramie, Wyoming, a state known for its fossil-fuel resources, UW houses faculty with expertise in coal conversion technology; carbon capture, utilization and storage; and extraction and production of subsurface resources. Moreover, Chemical Engineering offers interdisciplinary research opportunities in bioengineering, material science and mathematical modeling related to permeable media. You will have the opportunity to work with highly regarded researchers studying permeable media, microfluidics, process control as well as those working on the cutting edge of biomaterials and nanomaterials among other areas.

The Chemical Engineering Ph.D. program allows you to immerse yourself in research while also amassing strong foundational knowledge in chemical engineering. The collegiality at UW makes it possible to collaborate across departments and access the vast laboratory and equipment resources available at the University.

Student in lab
Student in lab

Avail yourself of UW’s remarkable facilities. UW harbors a treasure-trove of laboratories and facilities with leading-edge equipment and support that include the following:

  • The High Bay Research Facility. This is a 90,000-square-foot research space with high-bay and traditional laboratories that emphasize unconventional oil reservoir research, including the Improved Oil Recovery Laboratory.
  • Advanced Research Computing Center. A UW facility that assists students, faculty and staff with computational aspects of their work.
  • Stable Isotope Facility. This facility offers isotopic analysis for UW students and faculty researchers.

Our program requires a total of 72 credit hours, with 42 hours dedicated to coursework and 30 hours focused on research. In addition to completing the required coursework, students must pass a preliminary examination and defend their dissertation. Successful completion of the program also includes the publication of the dissertation.

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What Can You Do With a Chemical Engineering Doctoral Degree?

University of Wyoming doctoral program in Chemical Engineering provides the training and research experience necessary to move into post-doctoral work, faculty jobs and leadership roles in the industry.

Chemical Engineering Careers

UW Chemical Engineering Ph.D. alumni have worked at the following organizations:

  • Intel Corporation
  • Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology
  • National Institute of Clean and Low Carbon Energy (Beijing, China)
  • Pacifica Northwest National Lab
  • Purdue University
  • MilliporeSigma



Vials in lab


UW Professor of Chemical Engineering Katie Li-Oakey and her team were among 20 semifinalists to present to top venture capitalists at a Department of Energy Chain Reaction Innovations competition. The team’s supercapacitors — devices for energy storage and release — were produced from coal using a zero-waste process.

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Chemical Engineering Doctoral Degree Program Highlights

The UW Chemical Engineering doctoral program will provide a broad education in the principles of chemical engineering while also exposing you to an innovative engineering community that will support you as you take up the mantle of research and creating new knowledge. Here are some reasons to consider the UW doctoral program in Chemical Engineering:

Collaborative Faculty

Study with program faculty who are scholar-teachers working in areas that include enhanced oil recovery, subsurface displacement processes, wastewater treatment, environmental applications of chemical engineering, nanoscale materials, green chemical manufacturing processes, microfluidics, fuel cell catalysts and membrane materials.


Graduate Assistantships

Look into research assistantships working with faculty on funded research projects. We also offer teaching assistantships in chemical engineering. Assistantships provide professional career experiences as well as stipends. Investigate UW chemical engineering research.


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