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About Chemical Engineering at UW

Has there ever been a better time to re-engineer our thinking about energy production, health care, manufacturing and sustainability? What would you invent or discover that the world needs more of?

As a master’s student in Chemical Engineering at the University of Wyoming, you will receive a personalized graduate experience that offers access to faculty across disciplines and compelling opportunities for research and internships. Afforded these opportunities, you can ask questions that will upend tired conventions and prepare for dynamic careers in industry and further graduate study.

What is Chemical Engineering at UW?

Given our location in a prime energy-producing state, UW has faculty with expertise in coal conversion technology, utilization and storage, carbon capture, and extraction and production of subsurface resources. At UW, you will also have the chance to pursue interdisciplinary research opportunities in material science, bioengineering and mathematical modeling related to permeable media.

We have highly regarded scholars studying microfluidics, permeable media and process control, in addition to those working on the cutting edge of biomaterials, nanomaterials and other areas. The collegiality at UW makes it possible for you to work closely with our faculty, collaborate across disciplines and access the vast laboratory and equipment resources available at the University.

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Take advantage of UW facilities and resources such as the following:

  • The High Bay Research Facility is a 90,000-square-foot research facility featuring high-bay and classic facilities, notably the Improved Oil Recovery Laboratory, that focuses on unconventional oil reservoir research.
  • Advanced Research Computing Center is a research-support initiative that assists students, faculty and staff in their scholarly endeavors.
  • Stable Isotope Facility offers isotopic analysis for UW students and faculty researchers.

Our students produce theses that are bold, unconventional, challenge accepted beliefs and lead to groundbreaking discoveries and innovations. You can too!

Sample thesis titles:

  • "Solid-Acid Supported Overlayer Catalysts for Liquid Fuel Production from Lactose"
  • "Development of SERS-Based Immunoassays for the Detection of SARS-CoV- 2"
  • "In Pursuit of the Periodic Tables’ Third Dimension: 2015/Spring A Study of the d-Band Shift in Bimetallic Catalysts in Core@Shell Environments"
Two students in lab

What Can You Do With a Chemical Engineering Master's Degree?

University of Wyoming master’s program in Chemical Engineering offers pathways to high-level careers in industry and higher education. UW’s graduate Chemical Engineering students graduate to pursue additional advanced degrees and careers as chemical and petroleum engineers.

Chemical Engineering Careers

UW Chemical Engineering M.S. alumni have worked at or pursued Ph.D. studies at the following organizations and schools:

  • Gene R. George and Associates
  • Intel
  • Interpro (Guatemala)
  • Panasonic Energy of North America
  • Tesla Corporation
  • 3M
  • Samules Consulting
  • Western Research Institute
  • University of California Santa Barbara
  • Colorado School of Mines



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Vladimir Alvarado and Saman Aryana, professors of Chemical Engineering, are principal investigators in a Department of Energy-funded center working to improve productivity and reduce the environmental impacts of fracking.

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Chemical Engineering Master's Degree Program Highlights

UW’s Chemical Engineering graduate programs give you the chance to obtain funding and work closely with faculty on the groundbreaking research taking place in our program. Here are some reasons to consider the UW master’s program in Chemical Engineering:

World-Class Faculty

Work with faculty scholar-teachers pursuing research in areas such as sustainable wastewater treatment, enhanced oil recovery, subsurface displacement processes, environmental applications of chemical engineering, green chemical manufacturing processes, nanoscale materials, microfluidics, fuel cell catalysts and membrane materials.

Program Options

The graduate chemical engineering program offers a master of science in environmental engineering, a quick start program for current undergraduates that allows them to earn a B.S. and M.S. in five years and a doctor of philosophy degree program.


Graduate Assistantships

Explore research assistantships with faculty working on funded research. UW also offers teaching assistantships to students in chemical engineering.

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Seminars

Take part in weekly seminars that explore studies being conducted at the college.

I chose the UW College of Engineering and Applied Science for my education because I was interested in starting a career with many growth opportunities in a technical field focused on developing practical processes and products to help others. Compared to other programs, the UW CEAS offered a high-quality, personalized, and affordable educational experience in a beautiful area (my home state).

- Tim Gunderson, '18

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