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Lifesaving medicine. Long-term public policy. Innovative market strategies. Scientific research. Statistics make a huge impact in a wide variety of applications and uses. Statistics is essentially the study of data and how to extract information from that data. As statisticians, we are outside thinkers who are helping local, business and global leaders make smart, informed decisions.

With a statistics master’s degree, you could apply your knowledge and skills to practically any field, such as data science and mining, social sciences and research, biostatistics, pharmacology, psychology, political science, veterinary science, zoology and more.

About Statistics at UW

UW offers a two-year Master of Science in Applied Statistics degree grounded in statistical theory and emphasizing the understanding and application of a broad variety of statistical methods on real projects. Although our applied statistics master’s program is designed to be a terminal degree that will prepare you for advanced jobs in statistical analysis, some of our graduates have successfully pursued a Ph.D. in statistics. Wherever your path takes you, the statistics master’s degree at UW can help you get there. Because the world needs more relentless curiosity and unwavering integrity.

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Application Deadline

  • February 15 - Fall admission
  • November 15 - Spring admission

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum GRE combined score of 291 (150 verbal, 141 quantitative)
  • International students whom English is not their first language:
    • TOEFL: 600 or 100 iBT minimum score
    • IELTS: 6.5 minimum score
  • 3 letters of recommendation

How to Apply
Please visit our program admission webpage for more details. 

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What Can You Do With a Statistics Master’s Degree?

UW’s master’s in statistics degree program provides you with extensive and broad skills in statistical methods, data analysis and written and oral presentation. The vast majority of our statistics graduate program graduates find statistical jobs and careers in research, working in, for example, biopharmaceuticals, academia and more.

Statistics Careers

With a master’s degree in statistics from UW, you will have the necessary background to work in a variety of jobs such as these:

  • Data Management Specialist
  • Statistical Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Biostatistician or Biometrician
  • Scientific Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Instructor



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Several renowned statisticians, such as Ed Bryant and W. Edwards Deming, have received a portion of their academic training from the University of Wyoming.

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Statistics Master’s Degree Program Highlights

Here are just a few reasons to consider UW’s master’s in statistics:


Practical skills in applying statistics at a deep level will stand as an excellent foundation for careers in many fields. The flexible curriculum of UW’s master’s in statistics program allows you to explore and pursue your own academic and professional interests.


Experiences, Supportive Faculty

Our statistics graduate program faculty is small enough to develop close working relationships with yet offers a broad range of expertise and interests, from epidemiology, ecology and other biological disciplines to engineering and modeling complex problems. The graduate program in statistics at UW is also supported by the entire Department of Mathematics and Statistics, which offers a vibrant and stimulating environment that facilitates the pursuit of open questions at the frontiers of knowledge.



Graduate students in the applied statistics master’s degree program at UW have access to world-class academic and research facilities on campus in Laramie, Wyoming, and the surrounding area.

The NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputer Center, which houses a world-class supercomputer available to UW researchers, is operated in partnership between UW and the National Center for Atmospheric Research.
The Advanced Research Computing Center and the School of Energy Resources' Shell 3D Visualization Center.

Graduate Assistantships

Most of our graduate students in the applied statistics master’s program are supported with graduate teaching assistantships that are offered to full-time graduate students studying on campus in Laramie, Wyoming. Assistantships include a full tuition and fee waiver, a monthly living stipend and health insurance. Teaching assistants teach or facilitate an undergraduate math or stats course each semester. Graduate research assistantships supported by externally funded research projects are also available.

A master’s degree in statistics from the University of Wyoming opened doors to a rewarding career in consulting and data analysis services.

- Yuliya LaBrake, M.S. in Applied Statistics ’15
Senior healthcare data analyst at Workpartners

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