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The University of Wyoming Education Abroad offers a variety of education abroad programs for undergraduate students during the academic year and summer. Read below for a description of the 4 general program types.


Description of Education Abroad program types.

Program Type 




Tuition and Fees


Study Abroad Fee

Type of Classes & Language Instruction

Exchange Partners 

Institutions/universities with whom the EA office has a direct partnership. 

Academic Year or Semester 

Transfer Credit

Pay UW Tuition and Fees

Pay housing directly to the host university

(ISEP students pay double occupancy UW Housing)


Courses in English or host language with international and local students 

Program Providers

(CIEE, AIFS, CEA, etc) 

Third party programs that facilitate study abroad in locations where the EA office does not have direct partnerships. Generally more inclusive & structured.

Academic Year, Semetester, J-term or summer 

Transfer Credit (AIFS London Semester & COST

offer UW Credit)

Pay Tuition and Fees directly to the Program Provider

Pay housing to the program provider, usually included in tuition.

(cost varies by program)


Courses in English or host language usually with other American students 

Direct Enroll Programs

Institutions where an exchange program would not be possible, instead students can enroll directly into the program.

Academic Year, semester or Summer

Transfer Credit 

Pay Tuition and Fees to the Host University

Pay housing directly to the host university.


Courses in English or host language with international and local students 

Faculty-Directed Programs 

Courses created & taught by UW faculty with UW students abroad in a wide variety of locations and areas of study.

J-Term, Summer

(Generally 2-8 weeks long)

UW Credit

Pay program fee and UW Tuition and Fees

Housing included in program fee


Courses in English with other UW students (unless taking a language course)


Searching for Programs 

Searching by program type brings up programs that are structured in different ways. If you want to take courses at a foreign university, you might consider an exchange or direct enroll program. If you want to study with a group of UW students and faculty, look at UW Faculty-Led Programs. Other preferences also play into program type. For example, do you want a high level of independence or do you prefer a lot of support? Reflect on your preferences and use the link below to explore programs.




Who are UWyoAbroad’s Partner Providers?

AIFS Abroad
AIFS abroad offers more than 250 different programs in 70 different countries. Learn more >

API (Academic Programs International)
API offers a variety of study abroad and internship opportunities, for a total of 218 different program options. Learn more >

Arcadia Abroad- The College of Global Studies
Arcadia offers over 130 study abroad programs in 12 countries around the world, covering a range of disciplines, program types and durations.  Learn more >

Barcelona SAE
Barcelona SAE offers a variety of Spanish Language and culture programs, as well as internships, in Barcelona, Spain. Learn more >

Offers study abroad and internship opportunities, including multi-country and short-term programs. Learn more >

CIEE (Council on International Education Exchange)
CIEE offers over 175 different programs, and has the largest scholarship base of any of our providers. Learn more >

ISA by WorldStrides (International Studies Abroad)
ISA offers study abroad, internship, service learning, and research opportunities in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Pacific. Learn more >

ISEP (International Student Exchange Program)
Offers both exchange and direct-enroll programs in 53 Countries. Learn more >

Kaya Responsible Travel
Kaya Responsible Travel offers volunteer, internship, and study abroad opportunities based on the concepts of responsible travel and cultural immersion. Learn more >

NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School)

NOLS is a nonprofit global wilderness school that seeks to help students become leaders.  NOLS offers Immersive wilderness experiences from one week to an academic year in various locations around the world.  Learn more >

Semester at Sea
Semester at sea offers multi-country study abroad programs with classes taking place on board a ship with 550 other students. Itineraries vary by semester/year. Learn more >

USAC (University Studies Abroad Consortium)
USAC is a non-profit organization that offers over 50 affordable study abroad programs in 26 different countries, as well as internship opportunities. Learn more >