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Get Started

Eligibility Requirements 

Before you follow the steps below, please check our eligibility requirements to see if you are eligible to participate in our education abroad programs. These are our eligibility requirements: 

  • A minimum of a 2.75 GPA
  • 30 or more credit hours (sophomore standing or higher)**
  • Must be in good standing with the university and not on academic or disciplinary probation
  • Students must meet with an Education Abroad advisor before applying
  • Apply to a UW sanctioned program


*Some programs may require a higher GPA and language proficiency.  Speak with your Education Abroad advisor if you have any questions about this. 

**There are two exceptions to this requirement: second-semester freshmen can partake in the London Semester (Contact Dianne Thompson for more information) and freshmen can participate in First-Year Seminar courses abroad. 

Step One

Explore Your Options

Education Abroad 101: Learn the basics of the Education Abroad process here at UW by taking this short online course (5-10 minutes)! 

UWYO Abroad Fair: Explore program options and meet with Education Abroad Staff at our UWYO Abroad Fair hosted each semester.

Ask Questions: Meet with our program assistant by emailing uwyoabd@uwyo.edu or schedule an exploratory appointment with an Education Abroad Advisor.

Program Search: View all programs of interest on our Explore Programs page. Need help distinguishing between program types? Check out this helpful graphic on our "Get Started" page. 

Do not forget to speak with your Academic Advisor about your interest in studying abroad!  We recommend that you meet with your academic advisor to discuss your study abroad plans and how courses completed abroad will fit into your UW degree program. 


Step Two

Create a Profile

Create a Profile: Log on to the Cowboys Abroad Portal, our study abroad application system to fill out the Profile Questionnaire.

Profile Questionnaire: Fill out this questionnaire before scheduling or attending an advising appointment with Education Abroad. This will allow your advisor(s) to provide you with the best information and resources.

Identify your Goals: The best action begins with reflection. Why do you want to study abroad? This study abroad goals assessment tool can help you break down what your goals and needs are. 


Step Three

Meet with your Education Abroad Advisor

Schedule an Appointment with our office: You will schedule an appointment with one of our Education Abroad Advisors through your Cowboys Abroad Profile once you have completed the previous steps.  You will choose an advisor based on your location of interest (if you are still deciding between a few locations, just choose one advisor and we will work with you):

Shelley Jewell: All ISEP Programs, The London Semester, and Ireland

Sara Robinson: China, Denmark, England (except the London Semester), Germany, Iceland, Italy, New Zealand, Russia, Scotland, and Wales

Dianne Thompson: COST (Consortium for Overseas Student Teachers), NSE (National Student Exchange), Western Europe (Germany, Denmark, France, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, and Spain), London Spring Semester, Rome Fall Semester, and Service Learning.

Susan Alt: Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Spanish Speaking countries (South America, Central America, & Spain)

Meet with your Academic Advisor: If you have not already, you will need to meet with your academic advisor to discuss how going abroad can work with your academic plan.


Step Four


Complete the UW Study Abroad Application: Once you have met with an Education Abroad advisor, you will decide on a program that best fits your goals and your academic needs. Once you have informed your advisor of your decision, they will assign you to that program’s application in the Cowboys Abroad Portal. The Cowboys Abroad Application consists of: 

  • A Short Essay on your Study Abroad Goals
  • A Medical Questionnaire
  • A Scanned copy of your Passport*
  • A Scan of your Transcript
  • Recommendation from your Academic Advisor

Program-Specific Application: After completing the UW Study Abroad Application, your Education Abroad Advisor will aid you in completing your program-specific application if necessary.

*Apply for a Passport: If you need to apply for or renew your passport, let your EA Advisor know and visit our passport webpage.

Apply for Scholarships and Figure out Finances: Program costs vary widely; find cost estimates on each program page. Check out Money Matters to learn more about program costs and budgeting, financial aid and scholarships, and finances FAQs.


Step Five

Prepare to Depart

Complete the Pre-Departure Requirements: These requirements will appear in your Cowboys Abroad Portal after your application has been approved.

Pre-Departure Guide & Quiz: We will give you access to the pre-departure guide once you’ve been approved for your program. After reading the guide, you must pass the quizzes that follow to be able to go abroad. Each quiz consists of multiple choice questions.

We urge all of our students to save the link to the Pre-Departure Guide because it serves as a useful resource before going abroad, while abroad, and upon returning home. This guide provides information on academics, credit transfers, health & safety while abroad, dealing with culture shock, mental health & identity while abroad, and so much more! 

Pre-Departure Q&A Session: Attend a Pre-Departure Q& A session to ask any questions you may have. From health and safety to packing- we’ll make sure you’re prepared. 

Apply for your Visa if required for your host country (check to see if you need one). Consult your Education Abroad Advisor if you need assistance in moving forward with the visa application process

Pay the UW Study Abroad Fee: $325- includes study abroad fee and the mandatory UW international travel insurance.  Visit our UW International Insurance page for details.  You will pay this fee on your UW student account during the term that you go abroad.