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Raptor Nest Surveys

Raptor Nest Surveys

This data template represents a collaborative effort of the members of the Wyoming Raptor Working Group (RWG). Through the leadership and efforts of Andrea Orabona of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and Gwyn McKee of Great Plains Wildlife Consulting, Inc., the RWG created and adopted a set of standardized attributes for raptor nest surveys in Wyoming. These standardized fields and attributes are included in a spreadsheet intended to be used as a field form, which is available here. The field form spreadsheet also provides useful information about the data fields and allowable values adopted by the RWG. Please contact Zach Wallace (zach.wallace1@wyo.gov) of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department for more information. 

The RWG recognizes that project operators may prefer different formats for collecting data in the field – whether hard-copy or digital. WYNDD developed this submittal template to facilitate efficient compilation and upload of the data into a central database, regardless of the data collection format used in the field. The template can also be used for entering historical raptor data collected in different formats. Providing your data to WYNDD using this submission template will streamline the process of adding your data to our central database, allowing us to provide the data to resource managers and others who need the information. Below, you can download the data submission template, a user guide for the template, and an example template containing sample data. After entering your data into the template provided in the first link below, please email it to data@wyndd.org.

Please note that the data submission template asks you to provide information about whether your data are sensitive and require some form of data protection. For more information on the ways in which WYNDD manages sensitive data, please refer to our Data Sensitivity page.


Data Submission Template

User Guide

Example Template


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