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Computational Tools

Wyoming INBRE invites suggestions from biomedical researchers for development of one or more computational tools. We envision these tools to be:

  • Small scale projects that could be completed within one academic semester
  • Built using Python or R
  • Have potential for broad biomedical research/teaching use, rather than having a very narrow focus.

If you have ideas for such a tool, please provide us with more information in the enclosed google form. Any questions should be directed to:

  • Prof. Robert Seville (sseville@uwyo), Director & Principal Investigator of WYINBRE
  • Prof. David Fay (davidfay@uwyo), Associate Director & Development Research Project Program Director, WYINBRE.

An Example Project

We recently developed a computational tool that finds restriction endonuclease recognition sites in short sequences for CRISPR protocols. Please take a look at both the code as well as the micropublication it resulted in below. This project is a good example of the extent of effort that we are able to invest into this initiative.

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