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Zoology and Physiology

College of Arts and Sciences

Graduate Students


Jesse Alston (PhD)

Thermal ecology of some bats of North American forests
Advisor: Jake Goheen

Jonathan (Yoni) Argov (MS)

Evaluating microclimatic refugia as a buffer to future declines of Cassia Crossbills
Advisor: Craig Benkman

Eric Atkinson (PhD)

Landscape and taxonomic drivers of multi-pathogen infections across a wild avian community.
Advisor: Matt Carling

Jeff Baldock (PhD)

Disentangling the role of spring-fed streams to trout production in the upper Snake River watershed
Advisor: Annika Walters

Gabriel Barrile (PhD)

Amphibian behavioral ecology and metapopulation dynamics in relation to habitat change and infectious disease
Advisor: Annika Walters and Anna Chalfoun

Brittany Brito (MS)

Evaluating resource use in Thomomys spp. through use of DNA metabarcoding: is the Wyoming pocket gopher a dietary specialist?
Advisor: Jacob Goheen

Mitch Brunet (MS)

Spatial ecology of mountain lions and coyotes with respect to their ungulate prey
Advisor: Joe Holbrook & Kevin Monteith

John Rudolph Bruno (MS)

Advisor: Kara Pratt

Emily Burkholder (MS)

Dietary and Spatial Interactions between Recreationists and Montane Red Fox in Grand Teton National Park
Advisor: Joe Holbrook

Samuel Case (phD)

Seed dispersal by introduced birds in Hawaiian forests
Advisor: Corey Tarwater

Katrina A Cook (MS)

Habitat Selection of a Relictual Amphibian Population
Advisor: Anna Chalfoun

Austin G. Coulter (MS)

Advisor: Jon Prather

Alp Demirhan (MS)

Advisor: Qian-Quan Sun

Paul Dougherty (PhD)

Molt, migration, and monsoons: revisiting the avian hybrid zones of the Great Plains
Advisor: Matt Carling

John Fennell (MS)

Exploring mechanisms underlying the persistence of Yellowstone cutthroat trout despite hybridization in the North Fork Shoshone River drainage
Advisor: Annika Walters

Emily Gelzer (MS)

How Site Fidelity and Habitat Variability Influence Consistent Population Distribution
Advisor: Jerod Merkle

Laura Gómez Murillo (MS)

Community changes of ant-follower birds across a fragmentation and rainfall gradient in Panama.
Advisor: Corey Tarwater

Katherine Gura (PhD)

Variation in habitat selection, movements, and demographics of an irruptive, facultative species
Advisor: Anna Chalfoun

Emily Holst (MS)

Large Carnivore Behavior in a Landscape of Fear: How do Individuals of Different Ages and Sexes Exploit Resources while Navigating Risk Mortality?
Advisor: Joe Holbrook

Rhiannon Jakopak (MS)

Ontogeny of ungulate migration
Advisor: Kevin Monteith

Karen Jorgenson (MS)

Food web structure and basal resource availability in alpine stream ecosystems
Advisor: Sarah Collins

Douglas Kamaru (MS)

Linkages between mutualism breakdown, landscape change, and predator-prey dynamics in a human-occupied savanna
Advisor: Jacob Goheen

Ellen Keaveny (PhD)

Advisor: Michael Dillon

Khasoha Leo Malingati (PhD)

Role of dietary specialization and dispersal in mantaining species abundance and occupancy in a small mammal community
Advisor: Jacob Goheen

Carrie Kyle (MS)

Full annual cycle ecology: evaluating the seasonal movements of migratory mule deer, elk and moose living in a common environment
Advisor: Matthew Kauffman

Tayler LaSharr (PhD)

Making a living in a harsh world: how does life-history, nutrition, and environment influence the behavior and survival of a long-lived, iteroparous mammal?
Advisor: Kevin Monteith

Audrey Martin (MS)

Orange-breasted and bat falcon comparitive genomics: inbreeding and isolation
Advisor: Carlos Martinez del Rio, Matt Carling

Lindsay Martinez (MS)

Evaluating moose demography and habitat use in the Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming
Advisor: Matthew Kauffman

Kaitlyn McKnight (PhD)

Drivers of ecosystem stability in Great Lakes fish communities
Advisor: William Fetzer, Lauren Shoemaker

Nicholas R Minor (PhD)

Sampling Across Space and Time: An Investigation of Demographic History in Lazuli Bunting (Passerina amoena) Populations
Advisor: Matt Carling

Francisco J Molina (PhD)

Behaviorally-mediated trophic cascades: Experimental tests of puma-guanaco interactions in Patagonia
Advisor: Jacob Goheen

Ahsleigh Pikerton (MS)

Sediment and Fisheries: An Assessment to Inform Sediment Management Practices at Wyoming Dams
Advisor: Annika Walters, Frank Rahel

Marie-Pier Poulin (MS)

The role of forage availability and sociality in how ungulates interact with highways
Advisor: Jerod Merkle

Eric Quallen (PhD)

The effects of knowledge transfer among individuals on population dynamics of a small abundant mammal
Advisor: Merav Ben-David

Bobby Riotto (MS)

A statewide survey of spotted skunks in Wyoming: habitat selection, distribution, and optimizing survey methodologies
Advisor: Merav Ben-David

Chance Roberts (MS)

Evaluating critical food web linkages and ecology of Lake Trout within Flaming Gorge Reservoir
Advisor: William Fetzer, Sarah Collins

Caroline Rosinski (MS)

Ecological factors influencing Kokanee Salmon populations in New Fork Lakes, WY
Advisor: William Fetzer

Kelsey Ruehling (MS)

Investigating sources of microbial pollution in Wyoming streams for informed management of waterborne pathogens
Advisor: Sarah Collins

Jake Ruthven (MS)

Evaluating the effects of Brook Stickleback on native nongame fishes in the Bighorn and North Platte Drainages, Wyoming
Advisor: Annika Walters

Mallory Sandoval Lambert (MS)

Energy development thresholds for migratory mule deer and pronghorn in Wyoming
Advisor: Jerod Merkle

Emily Shertzer (PhD)

Full life-cycle effects of energy development on sagebrush-obligate songbirds
Advisor: Anna Chalfoun

Sam Sillen (MS)

Harmful cyanobacteria bloom (HCB) dynamics in Wyoming reservoirs
Advisor: Sarah Collins

Christina Sluka (PhD)

Evaluating the effects of urban and rural environements on raccoon (Procyon lotor) cognition and skull morphology
Advisor: Merav Ben-David & Sarah Benson-Amram

Rachel Smiley (MS)

Interactions of nutrition, immune function, and disease response in bighorn sheep
Advisor: Kevin Monteith

Austin B Smith (MS)

Understanding habitat relationships of forest carnivores in Wyoming
Advisor: Joe Holbrook

Rashmi Thapa (PhD)

Longitudinal study of TDP-43 depletion in mice model of dementia
Advisor: Yun Li

Rebecca Thomas-Kuzilik (MS)

Behavioral plasticity of large mammals to extreme heat in the Rocky Mountains
Advisor: Jerod Merkle

Alissa Tiemann (MS)

Evaluating Movement Patterns of Roundtail Chub and Flannelmouth Sucker in the Blacks Fork Subbasin
Advisor: Annika Walters

Eric VanNatta (MS)

Investigating Spatiotemporal Responses of Elk to Human Recreation: An Assessment within Critical Time Stages
Advisor: Joe Holbrook

Tana Verzuh (PhD)

Effects of memory and learning on space use of a reintroduced large mammal
Advisor: Jerod Merkle

Jordan Von Eggers (MS)

Using aeDNA in sediment cores to assess the effect of fish introduction on aquatic communities and biodiversity in alpine lakes
Advisor: Bryan Shuman (Geol) Amy Krist

Brittany Wagler

Bighorn sheep nutrition and disease
Advisor: Kevin Monteith

Yihan Wang (PhD)

Advisor: Qian-Quan Sun

Colton Webb (MS)

Examining ecological factors limiting the upstream distribution of fishes in the central Rocky Mountain region
Advisor: Frank Rahel

Arielle Wimmer (MS)

Assessing phenotypic plasticity in the New Zealand mud snail
Advisor: Amy Krist

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