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Zoology and Physiology

College of Agriculture, Life Sciences and Natural Resources

Joan Smith Sonneborn PhD

Professor Emerita
Phone: (307) 742-4728
FAX: (307) 745-3139



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Research Activity and Support

1967-69 National Science Foundation. Behavior and Nucleic Acids of Kinetosomes in Paramecium - $60,700.

1969-71 National Science Foundation.  Pellicular DNA and the Mechanism of Aging in Paramecium - $55,600.

1971-72 Arts and Sciences Division of Basic Research - $2,000.

1971-72 Graduate School Research Council - $2,000.

1972-73 University of Wyoming Summer Research Fellowship - $1,200.

1972-73 Arts and Sciences Division of Basic Research - $1,050.

1972-73 Graduate Research Coordination - $900.00

1974-75 Arts and Sciences Division of Basic Research - $1,000.

1974-75 Graduate Research Council - $1,000 

1974-75 National Science Foundation.  Aging Studies in Paramecium - $30,000.

1975-76 National Science Foundation.  Biochemistry of Cell  Rejuvenation - $18,000.

1976-77 Arts and Sciences Division of Basic Research - $700.00

1977-79ERDA.  Prescreen for Hazardous Chemicals - $83,535.

1977-79 National Science Foundation.  Nucleocytoplasmic Interaction and Age-Induced Mutations - $50,000.

1979-80DOE. Prescreen for Hazardous Chemicals - $62,290.

1979-80 Glenn Foundation.  Modulation of Life Span - $17,400.

1979-80 Electrobiology Company.  Induced Current Effects on Cellular Aging - $9,500.

1979-80 Funds for Integrative Research.  Superhelicity Change with Cellular Aging, Travel Funds to Ohio State University -  $5,000.

1980-81 DOE.  Prescreen for Hazardous Chemicals - $65,000.

1981-82 DOE.  Prescreen for Hazardous Chemicals - $68,000.

1981-82 EBI.  Modulation of Longevity by Programmed Changes of Weak Pulsating Current - $15,000.

1982-83 General Molecular Applications.  Prescreen for Longevity Modulating Pharmaceutical - $110,000.

1984-85 NIPERA - Genotoxicity of Nickel Particulates - $10,000.

1985-86 Glenn Foundation, Private Foundation - $25,000.

1985-86 Don Yarborough, Private Benefactor - $50,000.

1985University of Wyoming Equipment Competition - $34,846.

1985-86 University of Wyoming Matching Equipment Funds, A & S, V.P. for Research, Zoology, VP. for Academic Affairs -  $35,000. 

1985-86 National Institute on Aging Conference Grant for Gerontological Society of America, Biology - $8,000.

1985-86 Wyoming Commission on Aging.  Support for Gerontology Minor $5,000.

1986-87 National Institute on Aging, Conference Grant for Biology of   Aging Conference - $25,000.

1986-87 A & S College for Program of Aging and Human Development - $12,000. Life Span Extension Foundation - $42,000.

1986-87 University of Wyoming, Match for Life Span Extension Grant -  $42,000.

1986-87 Glenn Foundation - $10,000.

1987-88 Glenn Foundation - $5,000.

1987-88 Vigor - $3,000.

1987-88 Virginia Medical College - $15,000.

1987-89 Glenn Foundation $20,000

1989-90 Sabbatical Leave

1990-93 University of Wyoming - $90,000.  Technology transfer and Bioengineering research in A&S.

1994-95 Max Baer Heart Fund Research Grant, Wyoming Fraternal Order of Eagles - $5000

1994-1995 Alzheimers Research, Wyoming Fraternal Order of Eagles - $2800.

1998-99 Ubiquitin expression during cardiac stress $5,000. Fraternal Order of Eagles.

1998-2001 Muscle Physiology and Protein Use by Overwintering Black Bears.

NSF grant for $300,000 for 3 years.

Co-Principal Investigators:

Henry Harlow, Paul Iaizzo, Joan Smith Sonneborn, Thomas Beck  

(2001-2003) Ubiquitin Assays: Opioid Modulation of Stress Response - $3000 University of Wyoming

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