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Welcome to Wyoming AgrAbility

When disability strikes a ranch or farm family, everything changes—except perhaps the desire to continue ranching or farming.

  • Ranching and farming are physically demanding and hazardous professions. The goal of Wyoming AgrAbility is to inform, educate, and assist ranchers, farmers, and farm workers with disabilities and their families so that they can continue doing what they love—ranching and farming.
  • Wyoming AgrAbility is a proud partnership of the University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service, Wyoming Institute for Disabilities (WIND), Wyoming Independent Living Rehabilitation (WILR), and Wyoming Services for Independent Living (WSIL).

Wyoming AgrAbility is part of a national program administered through the United States Department of Agriculture, focused on promoting independence for members of the agricultural community who have disabilities resulting from injury, illness, aging, or other causes.

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To receive updates regarding upcoming webinars and other programming opportunities, please email us at: agrability@uwyo.edu

For more information about Wyoming AgrAbility, call 1-866-395-4986 or email us at agrability@uwyo.edu

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