Morton E. Post Family Papers
A document from the Morton E. Post Family Papers

A document from the Morton E. Post Family Papers

About the Collection

Morton Everel Post (1840-1933) was born in West Henrietta, New York. He moved to Denver, Colorado, in 1860, where he met Amalia Simons Nichols. The two were married in October, 1864. Post relocated to Cheyenne, Wyoming, in 1867, where he became a prominent businessman and banker. He served as Laramie County Commissioner (1870-1876) and as a member of the Wyoming Territorial Legislative Council (1878). In 1885-1886, a campaign was mounted by Post’s friends to persuade the President to appoint him to the governorship of Wyoming Territory. However, the campaign was unsuccessful, and in October, 1887, Post suffered total bankruptcy. He moved to Los Angeles in 1895 and undertook a new career as a farmer and fruit grower. Post died in Alhambra, California, in 1933.

The collection consists primarily of correspondence. The earliest letters (1850-1851, 1858-1864) are nearly all written by Amalia Nichols to her sister Ann Kilbourne. The letters of 1865 and 1866 include many from Morton Post to his wife, Amalia Nichols Post, as well as those from Amalia to Ann while Amalia was living in Denver, Colorado. The majority of the letters of 1867 and 1868 are from Morton to Amalia or from Amalia to Morton. Amalia’s letters from Cheyenne dominate 1870 to 1872, but from 1873 to 1875 most of the letters are from Annie Kilbourne to her mother, Ann Kilbourne, describing Annie’s life in Cheyenne with her aunt. From 1876 to 1879 letters from Adrian Parshall are included describing his attempts to become established in Deadwood and his frustration with his long engagement to Annie Kilbourne; while Annie Kilbourne Parshall’s letters from Deadwood to her mother dominate 1880 to 1883. Three letters from Celestia Parker in Port Huron, Michigan, are also included, one of them describing Port Huron’s reaction to the death of Abraham Lincoln in 1865.

A large number of letters and telegrams of 1885 and 1886 express support for Morton Post’s appointment as governor of Wyoming Territory. The collection also includes a small number of newspaper clippings (1881-1890).

Collection Materials Used

For all of the items listed below, both the original documents and transcripts are provided. A full inventory of the collection, as well as additional digitized material, is accessible online from:

From Amalia to her sister, May 28, 1866

Amalia discusses her health and John's alcohol addiction.

From Amalia to her sister, June 1866

Amalia discusses John's increasing sobriety.

From Amalia to Morton, August 26, 1867

Amalia misses Morton and asks him to write more often.

From Morton to Amalia, August 28, 1867

Morton talks about his coal bank.

From Amalia to Morton, December 14, 1867

Amalia discusses feeling lonely and love-sick for Morton.