Alexandre SKIBA

Assistant Professor
Department of Economics and Finance
University of Wyoming
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Fall 2015

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Course websites Intermediate Microeconomics :: International Trade :: Principles of Macroeconomics :: Advanced International Trade :: Industrial Organization :: Advanced Econometric Theory

Papers under review

  • "Regional Economies of Scale and Regional Welfare" accepted to Review of International Economics
  • "Geography of Export Prices and Importer-Exporter Income Differences" (with Volodymyr Lugovskyy) revision requestion from the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
    - SSRN Working Paper #2213005
  • "Effect of distance on trade under slope heterogeneity and cross-correlated effects" (with Oleksandr Lugovskyy) conditionally accepted to Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal
  • "A Revision of the American Dream of Homeownership" (with Eli Beracha and Ken Johnson) revision resubmitted to the Journal of Real Estate Research
  • "Import demand elasticity and exporter responses to anti-dumping duties" (with Dmitri Nizovtsev)
    - SSRN Working Paper #1600304
  • "Does Immigration Reduce Relocation of Production? Evidence from State-Level Data"
    - FREIT Working Paper #55


Journal Articles
  • "How Geography Affects Quality" Journal of Development Economics, 115, July 2015, pp 156-180. (with Volodymyr Lugovskyy).
  • "Short Sale Restrictions, Differences of Opinion, and Single-Country Closed-End Fund Discount" International Review of Financial Analysis, 29, Sept. 2013, pp. 44-50. (with Lee Sanning and Hilla Skiba)
  • "The Trade Reducing Effects of Market Power in International Shipping" Journal of Development Economics, 89(1), May 2009, pp 84-97. (with David Hummels and Volodymyr Lugovskyy NBER Working Paper #12914
  • "Shipping the Good Apples Out? The Empirical Confirmation of Alchian-Allen Conjecture" Journal of Political Economy, 112(6), Dec. 2004, pp 1384-1402. (with David Hummels) NBER Working Paper #9023
Refereed book chapters
  • "The Effect of Policies on FDI Flows: the Case of Transition Countries,", forthcoming in Bob Lucas, T.N. Srinivasan and Lyn Squire eds., The Impact of Rich Countries' policies on Poverty in Poor Countries. Edward Elgar, 2010. (with Irina Orlova and Tom CoupĆ) reprinted in Karl P. Sauvant and Lisa E. Sachs, eds., The Effect of Treaties on Foreign Direct Investment: Bilateral Investment Treaties, Double Taxation Treaties and Investment Flows (New York: Oxford University Press, 2009 .
  • "A Virtuous Cycle? Regional Tariff Liberalization and Scale Economies in Transport," in FTAA and Beyond: Prospects for Integration in the America eds. Antoni Estevadeordal, Dani Rodrik, Alan M. Taylor, Andres Velasco. Harvard University Press, 2003. (with David Hummels)
  • "Attitudes Toward Markets and Market Reforms in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe" in Reforming Economics and Economics Teaching in the Transition Economies, 2002. (with Michael Watts and William B. Walstad)