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Student Technical Services

1000 E. University Ave

Laramie, WY 82071

Phone: 307-766-3837


Frequently Asked Questions

"How do I know which sound system or lighting system to request?"

We will help determine the size of the sound and lighting systems based on the expected number of attendees, location, and technical needs of the event.  We value input related to your desires for the size of the systems, and will do whatever is possible to cater to your needs.


"Why do you need all of our event's information so far in advance?"

In order for us to plan the technical details accordingly, it is vital that your event be planned in detail.  Without having knowledge of every performer's act and the timeline of the event, we will not be able to provide professional quality services.  By supplying us with tech riders, we can supply all the necessary equipment. By supplying us with a timeline of all of the performances to occur during an event, we can assist in the fluency and professionalism of your event. Being organized from the start is key to making your event successful.


"My Student Organization is hosting a talent show that will have lots of variety, will you give us a sound system?"

We would be happy to collaborate with you by providing a sound system. Whenever a group hosts a production involving many acts, we need to have a full list of performers and their technical needs two weeks before the event. Without this list, we will not honor your reservation, so be proactive in your planning and keep us in the loop. We can provide helpful insight and techniques used to make a program run smoothly.


"We are going to get a band to play at our event, do we just send you a reservation?"

The reservation is the first step in the process and should be made during the initial planning phases of your event (even before contracts are signed). When you send in your reservation, be sure to include a technical rider from each of the groups playing. All of this information needs to be submitted two weeks before the performance so that we can effectively plan our services. If we do not receive this information in time, we reserve the right to decline your reservation due to lack of information and we don't like to see things end up like that.


"A band plays at our weekly Student Organization meeting and they would like to practice before the event.  Can you set up two hours early?"

Providing a sound system at your weekly meeting is our pleasure, but it is an unfair use of student fees to use our technician's time and our sound systems to practice on a regular basis. Many of STS's staff members are musicians and we understand the need for practice, and just like everyone else, we need to use our personal time and equipment for our practice sessions. You are welcome to use the room to practice if the Union Events Office allows, that is not our say. What we can provide is a one or two song sound checks once we have completed our line level checks to orient you with the sound system.


"I'm a member of an Student Organization that is hosting an event in the Laramie Train Depot and we need speakers and a projector.  Is STS still free?"

Unfortunately, due to a change of scope in 2022, STS is no longer able to provide services off campus. 


"My Student Organization is holding an event in the A&S Auditorium, do we need your services?"

It depends on the type of event you are holding. Contact Caleb Hebbert about what his technical crew can supply and he will make a recommendation about who's services will work best for you. If your event is in the union, contact the Union Events Office to see what services they can provide.

Should you be hosting a lecturer, panel discussion, or movie these locations already have equipment installed in their venue to assist your technical needs.


"My friend is in a band and they need a PA system for a local gig, can you provide sound or can they rent some stuff from you?"

Although we provide professional audio services to the university, we cannot provide services to third parties that are unaffiliated with UW. We do not rent out any of our professional audio or lighting equipment due to potential harm being caused to the equipment.  It would be best if your friend's band contacted the venue about providing a PA system or contacting a local musical equipment retailer.


"I need a projector for a graduate school presentation, do you have one I can borrow?"

Unfortunately, due to a change of scope in 2022, STS is no longer able to provide these services. 


"Are you hiring?"

We tend to hire at the beginning of each semester, and would be glad to entertain your application.  Send us an email if you are curious about job postings or when positions become available. 

Contact Us

Student Technical Services

1000 E. University Ave

Laramie, WY 82071

Phone: 307-766-3837


1000 E. University Ave. Laramie, WY 82071
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