===== Water =====

Water Underground (AGU Blog):
Water Underground (EGU Blog):
Global groundwater maps:
Groundwater cartoons/comics:
Hydro Model Gallery:
VICAIRE, Virtual campus in hydrology and water resources:
Groundwater flow models from UNL:
U.S. Lake Levels:
Spring database:
Drought monitor:
Current U.S. wind conditions as art:
Water-related books:
Quotes about water (Cape Fear River Assembly):
Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System data:
Hydrogeology course ideas:

===== Geophysics =====

Wyoming Center for Environmental Hydrology and Geophysics (WyCEHG):
Electrical resistivity freeware (Andrew Binley, Lancaster UK):
Distributed Temperature Sensing Consortium:

===== Conservation resources =====

Water Conservation Throughout the Home:
100+ ways to conserve water:
WY Water management and conservation program: