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Department of Mathematics
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Calculus Classes

Calculus, one of the classical topics in mathematics, is the study of change. It is useful both in scientific fields and in applied studies from engineering to the life sciences.   It is taught in a three-course sequence:

  • Math 2200 (Calculus I) introduces derivatives (rates of change) for functions relating two real variables (one independent, the other dependent).  At the end of the course, integration is briefly introduced.  An integral may be viewed as the value of a quantity that accumulates at a variable rate.
  • Math 2205 (Calculus II) develops further techniques and applications of integration, and introduces power series expansions for functions (again, real-valued functions of one variable).
  • Math 2210 (Calculus III) uses vector techniques to generalize the notions of derivative and integral to functions with multiple input and/or output variables.

Throughout the sequence, the emphasis is on tools and techniques rather than the theory. Students wanting to go beyond this introduction to understand further the theory behind calculus, in particular to understand the proofs of the theorems introduced here, are encouraged to follow this sequence with Mathematical Analysis (Math 4200/4205) and Complex Analysis (Math 4230).

Often a special section of calculus is designated (in the semester class schedule posted by the Registrar) for students in a particular applied discipline.  Please contact the individual instructor for clarification of the special emphasis and policies in this case.  The following information is intended primarily for the other sections of calculus which are not so designated.

Common Exams

Common exams for the coordinated sections of calculus are scheduled for 5:15-7:00 pm on three Thursday evenings. In the semester. For the dates and locations, please see the individual websites for Math 2200, Math 2205 and Math 2210. Please arrive with as few personal effects as possible--large backpacks are especially discouraged in this examination setting.  Photo ID is required at all common exams--display your photo ID when submitting the exam to your proctor.

Further questions may be directed to your individual instructor or to the course supervisors for each course: Eric Moorhouse ( for Math 2200, Jeff Selden ( for Math 2205, and Charlie Angevine ( for Math 2210.

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