About Us

The Consumer Issues Conference is an ongoing interdisciplinary project under the auspices of several University of Wyoming Colleges, including Law, Agriculture and Business, as well as partnering organizations like Colorado State University Extension. It is designed to focus on public policy issues affecting consumers and the consumer marketplace, and to inspire people to be active in bringing about change in the legal and market environment. The conference is the result of the hard work of the planning committee, listed below. Feel free to contact us. This year's conference, Consumer Financial Protection - Who's in Charge?, is the 12th conference in the series. A list of past conferences and links to their websites, if available, is also included below. The conference does not have its own staff, and so we also rely on the assistance of the staff at the sponsoring colleges, for which the planning committee is very grateful.

The Planning Committee

  • Cole Ehmke, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Wyoming, Extension Specialist in Personal Finance and Agricultural Entrepreneurship (chair)
  • Kem Krueger, School of Pharmacy, University of Wyoming, Professor
  • Laurel Kubin, Larimer County Cooperative Extension, Colorado State University, Director
  • Elizabeth Goudey, Esq., Students' Attorney Office, University of Wyoming, ASUW Students' Attorney
  • Nancy Porter, Colorado State University Extension, Financial Resource Management Specialist
  • Terri Rittenburg, College of Business, University of Wyoming, Department of Management and Marketing, Associate Professor
  • Dee Pridgen, College of Law, University of Wyoming, Carl M. Williams Professor of Law and Social Responsibility
  • Virginia Vincenti, Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, University of Wyoming, Professor
  • Trena T. Anastasia, Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center (WYSAC)

Past Conferences

  • Pills, Potions and Profits (2011)
  • Unlocking the Digital Marketplace: Legal and Ethical Issues (2010)
  • Food Safety, Security and Sources (2009)
  • Focus on Energy and Telecommunications (2008)
  • Money Matters (2007)
  • Home on the Range (2006)
  • Consumer Activism: Health Issues (2005)
  • Cars and Consumers (2003)
  • Credit Cards Marketed to Youth and Privacy Rights (2002)
  • Addressing Consumer Fraud (2001)
  • Rental Housing Inspection (1999)